Anti-Trump protesters tossed eggs at former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani and other pro-Trump protesters in Manhattan on Sunday. A video that surfaced after the incident showed the anti-Trump protesters insulting Giuliani and the members of the Trump caravan as the convoy passed through 59th Street and 5th Avenue.

“F*ck you Rudy,” one man told Giuliani. “You f****ng coward, go back to f****ng Long Island,” another protester yelled.

One clip also showed Giuliani rolling down the passenger side window of his SUV and calling out to a cop “Lieutenant,” to which the cop responded, “I’m a sergeant.” The cop approached the former mayor’s vehicle, which then pulled away after he and Giuliani had a brief talk. It was unclear what Giuliani called the cop for, but he seemed to point out vocal protesters cursing him and calling him a “f****ng piece of s**t.”

Another clip posted on Twitter showed a pro-Trump caravan joined by Rudy Giuliani, identified as “Jews for Trump,” being hurled with eggs as they rolled through Manhattan. One anti-Trump protester also called Giuliani a “f****ng scum” and ripped a flag from the side of his SUV.

The Jews for Trump and anti-Trump protesters also had a confrontation in Times Square. A video showed the two group of demonstrators exchanging punches as the anti-Trump protesters splashed a red paint on the vehicles in the caravan. Elsewhere, a counter-protestor swung at a pro-Trump protester before running away, only to tumble onto the pavement.

According to reports, the clash started around 10 a.m. as the pro-Trump caravan started to travel across parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn. It went on until Sunday afternoon.

Other videos of the clashes revealed that the unrest did not end in Midtown. In a mobile phone video captured by one of the protesters, one protester was shown throwing eggs at the caravan as it sat on the Prospect Park Expressway between Caton Avenue and Albermarle Road.

“I got a bunch of these, baby,” said the man as he got eggs out of a carton and hurled them at the Jews for Trump protesters.

At least seven protesters were arrested during the clashes, four of which were from Times Square.

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