The rumored Apple Watch 2 will reportedly break free of the iPhone tethering and add cellular network connectivity to allow the wearable to work on its own. According to The Wall Street Journal, the device will feature cellular network support and a faster processor.

Adding cellular network support will bring benefits to those users who aren't happy with the wearables heavy reliance on iPhone tethering. As of now users can't even produce basic features such as iMessage or phone call functionality without the iPhone. While it's an addition many users would love, it will undoubtedly require an additional data plan, which means another monthly bill.

Apple has apparently heard users plea for Apple Watch independence from the iPhone and has began implementing a third-party push by announcing that all WatchOS apps submitted to the App Store after June 1, 2016 be required to be native applications, reports MacRumors. Ultimately, what this does is allows the Apple Watch to open apps more quickly instead of transmitting data back and forth from the iPhone to the watch.

The Wall Street Journal also states that the Apple wearable could expect a faster process, which is something users already expect from the Apple Watch 2.

It seems no one really has definite answers regarding the company's next wearable as the latest reports have conflicting details. One report from Apple analyst Brian White of Wall Street firm Drexel Hamilton says the Apple Watch 2 will be 40 percent thinner and launch as soon as the summer. While research notes from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says the wearable will see only minor updates and that the bulk of the changes will be internal. Kuo also states the watch will launch later this year, more than likely in the fall, alongside the iPhone 7.

Aside from the internal upgrades, other rumored features coming to Apple's next watch include a FaceTime video camera, an expansion of its Wi-Fi capabilities and new model tiers.