Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference has a set schedule and is approaching faster and faster. With the approaching conference comes rumors of what services and devices are expecting to be unveiled by the company. Which include the announcement of two new iPhones, iPads, iOS 8 and much more!

With the highly anticipated conference almost upon us we thought it’d be a good idea to round up all the rumored devices and services to be announced at WWDC 2014.

1. iWatch - First up is the highly rumored iWatch! This device has been rumored to release this quarter, last quarter, fall and winter. No one really knows if it actually exist but that hasn’t stopped specs and features from hitting the web. If rumors are true then Apple’s iWatch will be very health oriented, which is a feature said to be prominent in iOS 8 and the next iPhone. If that is the case then of course Apple will need to get FDA approval which also means paperwork so even if it’s announced this summer we may not see a release date until later this year.

iWatch Concept Apple iWatch concept art. Todd Hamilton

Some rumored features and specs for the iWatch include: UV sensors, dual sizes for men and women, it is said to run a version of iOS and be Siri compatible.

2. iPads - Apple is also rumored to announce a couple of new iPads as well. Both are to be slimmer, but also host a ton of new features. The features will be internal with a faster processor, better graphics, performance and speed. It is said newer iPad models will start seeing the TouchID fingerprint sensor as well.

3. Larger iPhone - On that same note Apple is rumored to launching two new iPhone's this year. Both with slim bezels and larger than the current generation iPhone 5s. According to BGR the iPhone 6 is said to feature a larger 4.7-inch display and a larger 5.5-inch display. The 4.7-inch display is said to have 1,334 x 750-pixel resolution, 1GB of RAM, NFC and both devices will feature a much thinner housing. However, if Apple follows its trend of iPhone releases we won't see this item until the all but Apple could throw us a curve ball and announce both devices at WWDC. 

iPhone 6 Concept iPhone 6 Concept Nikola Cirkovic

4. iOS 8 - We could also see Apple's next iOS at this years Worldwide Developer Conference. It is rumored that iOS 8 will keep the same general look as iOS 7 with a few tweaks to Siri, the Maps app and other native iPhone applications. Other rumored features include Apple's native OS X apps like TextEdit and Preview. The biggest rumored feature of iOS 8 is a new native application called Healthbook. 

The operating system will reportedly include a "Healthbook" app that pulls fitness-related information from both the M7 motion co-processor included in the iPhone 5s and sensors to be included with the iWatch. A new concept video released by TechRadar shows off concept art of what iOS 8 could possibly look like. If Apple does anything close to this concept fans will be very pleased. Check it out below: 

5. OS X 10.10 - According to 9To5Mac sources have indicated Apple's OS X 10.10 codenamed Syrah will focus on the aesthetic design of the operating system. Sources say, Apple Senior VP of Design Jony Ive is leading a “significant” design overhaul for OS X, and the new design will be the operating system’s cornerstone new feature. 

Before anyone freaks out the redesign is said to not take notes from iOS 7 but will incorporate the flat elements and white textures instead of re-creations of life-like elements. Apple's end-to-end redesign is said to be the top priority for the company. 

6. Mac Mini - A new Mac Mini is long overdue seeing how the last update was October 2012. Apple's plans for the computer are unknown, but a refresh could bring the new Haswell processors with Iris integrated graphics and 802.11ac WiFi support. A refresh could definitely breath life back into the Mac Mini and bring along more sales for Apple. 

7. MacBook - Apple has been said to working on a new updated 12-inch MacBook that includes a Retina display. This new device is said to be even slimmer than the current generation MacBook Airs. KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo has said that the 12-inch MacBook boasts the portability of the 11-inch MacBook Air with the productivity of the 13-inch MacBook Air, offering a high resolution display along with an improved clamshell structure. There are also rumors that the new laptop will feature a new trackpad with tons of features. 

8. Apple TV - Fans of the Apple TV may see an updated redesigned set-top box is in the works, with support for iOS games and possibly a full App Store at this year''s WWDC. The new Apple TV is expected to feature an improved processor, possibly the same A7 chip used in a number of Apple's current devices like the iPhone 5s and the current-gen iPads. Another rumor has said that Apple is working with Time Warner Cable and Comcast for exclusive streaming deals.