We didn’t see this one coming! It turns out that during the “Reggaeton Refill,” a concert that took place on Friday, July 18 in Dominican Republic, rappers Arcángel and Poeta Callejero were sharing the stage, when the latter hugged Arcángel from behind and gave him a kiss that was caught on camera by fans. Of course, this sparked many rumors that perhaps the two performers are gay and could be a couple. Speculation ensued and it even caught the attention of María Celeste Arrarás, who shared the pictures on her show, “Al Rojo Vivo.”

Although Arcángel hasn’t said anything about the pictures, Poeta Callejero was very vocal, expressing his disgust over people who twist the relationship between two friends and turn it into sensationalism. In a long post on his Instagram account, Poeta started explaining that he and Arcángel are friends from long time ago, and they’ve been through many ups and downs. He claims he was so proud to have performed on the same stage as him, and then get invited to share the stage during a song, that he hugged and kissed his friend in a night that was supposed to celebrate success and friends.

Poeta Callejero Message Poeta Callejero expressed his feelings over the rumors that he and his friend Arcángel are gay over a hug and kiss they shared on stage. Instagram/ Poeta Callejero

“It was a historic night and we definitely enjoyed it, but I forgot we’re artists, public figures that have to hide because we’re vulnerable to the envy and frustration of many that have a rotten heart.” Poeta continued to thank those who have been following from the beginning, for sticking around despite all the defamation and humiliations throughout the years. He added, “I’m a straight man, and for that reason, kissing and hugging a friend does not put my sexuality in question.”