Katie Holmes is said to have found her new love and its Jennifer Aniston’s ex-husband, Justin Theroux! The two are said to have been going on dates for some time already but they are really discreet because they want to keep it a secret. 

According to Woman’s Day, Holmes and Theroux’s relationship blossomed last year and suggested that the two have been exclusively dating since October. They allegedly go on a date in New York and usually dine in restaurants.  

“Things have certainly stepped up a notch or two,” the source told the magazine. “They’ve become extremely close and given they’re both lovers of their home city of New York, they’re enjoying sharing their favorite spots with one another. They’ve been sneaking around the city inconspicuously, which they could never do in Los Angeles.” 

It was added that the couple bond over their love for books and reading. Holmes even brought Theroux to her favorite bookstore called Three Lives Better where they allegedly spent hours checking out the shelves. In return, the actor brought Suri Cruise’s mom to one of his friends’ art exhibit.  

What’s more, the magazine claimed that the two hang out in each other’s homes a lot and Holmes already introduced her daughter to her new beau. The introduction to her daughter is said to be an indication that they are serious in their relationship right now. It was also alleged by the source that even Holme’s friends think that Theroux could be “the one” since she already allowed her teen daughter to meet him.

At any rate, it was reported that the actor did not expect to date another famous actress after splitting up from Jennifer Aniston but after meeting Holmes, his perspective supposedly changed. Woman’s Day wrote that Theroux now wants to spend the rest of his life with his new girlfriend. 

But then again Gossip Cop debunked this report by saying it is a bogus story. The publication stated that it contacted the actress’ camp and they were told that the article is a complete lie. It added that the mere fact that both Holmes and Theroux live in New York is not a reason to assume that they are romantically involved.

Katie Holmes Katie Holmes at Met Ball 2014. Getty Images