One tabloid magazine reported that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s marriage is in trouble because they “can’t stop fighting.” Gossip Cop has debunked this story. It turns out that this is untrue, and multiple tabloids have tried to report the same false narrative.

“Honeymoon phase is already over” for Cyrus and Hemsworth and the two are “on the rocks,” according to OK! Magazine. “They were in a total love bubble, but now they can’t stop fighting,” said the outlet’s supposed source.

The anonymous and so-called insider further described how Cyrus and Hemsworth display that they look in love in public but are fighting behind closed doors. “[Cyrus and Hemsworth] come across as the perfect couple, but behind closed doors, they’re struggling.” The publication cited the couple’s appearance at a Women’s Cancer Research Fund event three weeks ago as an example.

The reason the couple is having a supposed tension? “She’s slowly reverting back to her wild child ways,” the magazine claimed. One of the factors the outlet cited is a throwback photo — posted by Cyrus on Instagram — where she was wearing a Jonas Brothers T-shirt. “Amazing,” Cyrus’ ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas replied about the post. “It’s reminding Liam of the old Miley, and he thought they moved past that,” the outlet’s alleged insider said.

“[Hemsworth] thought Miley had matured and was ready to settle down, but it’s dawned on him that she may never change,” the suspect source further said. The magazine ended the false story saying that Cyrus “can’t be tamed.” It’s a play on words using Cyrus’ song of the same name. Multiple outlets have used this song title to describe Cyrus’s behavior and the couple’s relationship issues over the years.

Tabloid magazines always falsely report the singer coming back to her “wild ways.” The couple has also always been rumored to have split even before their wedding. One tabloid said that Cyrus and Hemsworth’s relationship has also been reported to be “on the rocks,” but the outlet has never given a reason why. Another publication reported about how Cyrus “can’t be tamed” and is “wild” again.

OK! Magazine never specifically told the reason Cyrus and Hemsworth “can’t stop fighting.” The publication has always put out claims with similar narratives of this story before, but they have all been proven to be untrue.

Cyrus and Hemsworth have been in an on-again-off-again relationship for 10 years. Their relationship has gotten better over the years, and they even ended up getting married. The couple wedded in secret in December 2018. “I love how you let ME be Me,” the singer wrote in a loving birthday message to her husband on her social media.