Federico Diaz has furiously denied rumors that he has been in a relationship with Ricky Martin. The rumors emerged after TV Y Novelas published an article claiming that the two had been in a relationship, and that indeed this was the reason for Martin's split with former beau Carlos Gonzalez Abella. "In 2012, in one of the trips that he did to New York, that they had their first romantic meeting,” said a source, who is reportedly a friend of Diaz.

The Uruguayan actor posted this statement on his Twitter account: “TV y Novelas magazine published an article without any foundation and based on lies, with photos extracted from my personal Twitter and Instagram accounts, speculating and misinforming the public,” Diaz said in a statement. “This printed media wrote that it is confirming something that is far from the truth and with bad intention, and I truly don’t understand why … before I have always received love and respect from the press and I have given the same.”

Meanwhile Ricky Martin himself did not respond to the allegations. Although the Boricua has been pretty busy - between working on his World Cup song and filming a video in Miami with JLo and Wisin, Ricky probably hasn't had that much time to respond to gossip reports. The Puerto Rican singer is also a judge on Australia's version of "The Voice" - he will be returning to film shortly. What do you think - is there blossoming romance for Ricky we don't know about?