Hollywood’s handsome hunk Tom Cruise has been single for quite some time now, so for rumors of him dating another maybe-Mrs. Cruise is bound to float now and then. And this time, the news is that Tom Cruise and Olivia Munn are cruising the romantic waters after they marked their presence at a pre-Oscars party in Los Angeles earlier in February 2020.

As per the news website, NW, Cruise only attended the party to find a woman who turned out to be Olivia Munn. Allegedly, he “couldn’t keep his eyes off” Munn and even rushed over to meet her. “Tom is a charismatic man and really turned it on for Olivia,” added the inside source who reportedly revealed this information to NW. “She’s never quite mixed with upper A-listers like Tom and he capitalized on how pleased she was that he was paying her so much personal attention.”

In fact, this source also added that Cruise turned on his charm to woo the lady and “pulled his usual stunt of suggesting they work together on a project.” But this time, his intentions were sincere as “he’ll take any chance to get to know her better.” “It’s been a while since Tom’s been so excited about a potential partner and he’s admitted it may be finally time to settle down again,” the source had shared.

“Tom wants Olivia officially on his arm in time for the Top Gun sequel premiere in June,” added the insider. “He’ll pull out all the stops to woo her between now and then – even if he has to personally pilot the chopper that gets her to the red carpet. Expect to hear of some secret dates in LA between these two soon. Olivia’s very excited at the prospect that Tom is interested in her and open to meeting up with him in private.”

For anyone, who finds this story too far-fetched to be true are probably right as apart from the fact that both Cruise and Munn attended the CAA pre-Oscars party, no other part of this fictitious story can be corroborated. It is widely known that Tucker Roberts, the president of an esports team, has been in a pretty serious relationship with Munn for more than a year and even announced it publicly at a Halloween party a few months ago.

So, it is rather obvious, that Tom Cruise and Olivia Munn are being targeted without any solid proof, just for the sake of creating gossip-worthy fake news.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise speaking at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con International for "Edge of Tomorrow" at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California. Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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