Tom Cruise has been accused of taking his daughter, Suri, away from her mom, Katie Holmes, during the holiday season last year. However, this never happened.

Since it’s the holiday season once again, the rumor-debunking site is revisiting one of the most absurd stories about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Last year, Star claimed that Holmes was panicking over the thought of Cruise taking her daughter away during the holidays.

“Tom’s been completely absent from Suri’s life for years. She has no idea why he’s walking back in now – especially since he knows how important Christmas is to Katie,” the source said.

The insider went on to say that Cruise’s real motivation for taking Suri away was due to the orders of the Church of Scientology, which reportedly encouraged him to reunite with his young daughter to improve his image. But last year, Gossip Cop already clarified that the reports aren’t factual.

One of the very obvious reasons why Cruise didn’t take his daughter away was because they have been estranged for years. Holmes also has full custody of her daughter, and they are residing in New York. Cruise, on the other hand, divides his time between Los Angeles and Florida.

And it’s also not true that the actor intended to take his daughter away for Christmas last year. And it’s unlikely that he would take her away from Holmes this holiday season. In fact, no reunion between the father and daughter has taken place over the holidays.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time that the tabloid published a fake story about Cruise, Holmes, and their daughter. Last year, Star claimed that the former couple was working out a new custody agreement so that Cruise could see Suri again.

In the same year, the tabloid claimed that Cruise was leaving Scientology to be reunited with Suri. And just last month, the tabloid claimed that Holmes was scheduling a meeting between her daughter and Cruise. However, this didn’t happen either.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes. Jay Tamboli/Flickr