'Are You The One?' MTV Show Spoilers: Next Perfect Match Could Be Ryan And Jess! Plus Get Shanley, Simone Feud Details

Jessica and Ryan could be the next perfect match on "Are You The One?" MTV

Two weeks ago on “Are You The One?” fans watched as the feud between Shanley and Simone essentially divided the house, but even though everyone was taking sides between a lover scorned or the seemingly only competitor in this season, two contestants may have been getting closer to discovering their perfect matches. As the argument between Shanley and Simone raged on, Ryan found Jessica crying away from the drama in a secluded staircase. In an attempt to not only be a good roommate but also try to comfort the notable born-again virgin, Ryan slowly realized that they are both inherently sensitive people, this sparked a connection between them. Leaving us to consider could Ryan and Jess be the next perfect match on “Are On You The One?”

Since the start of the season Ryan has been caught up in a back and forth relationship with Kayla, but she has not been so exclusive with the sensitive sweetheart, flip flopping between both him and Wes. Until Ryan’s tender heart-to-heart conversation with Jess, fans hadn’t really been exposed to his true feelings, and the deep emotions he experiences. Now this could have been a one-time thing of course, considering Ryan did eventually leave Jess’s side to track down Kayla and then console her, but fans were certainly left with the feeling that Jess and Ryan could be something more than just friends. At the Match-Up the relationship was taken to the next level, when Jess openly admitted her feelings for Ryan and decided to choose him as her new perfect match. “I honestly think that [Ryan and Kayla] fight way too much for the time that they’ve known each other,” Jess told host Ryan Devlin.


But last night we watched as Ryan and Kayla were back together teamed up for the “well hung” challenge, they performed well ending up as runner ups in the competition. But once again their volatile arguments took control of the relationship when deciding where to spend their private date. Ryan grossly suggested the “Boom Boom Room,” which is just down right ruse and Kayla vehemently denied the invitation. But does this mean that Jess could slip right back into Ryan’s heart and ultimately become his perfect match? Fans are thinking yes.  

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