‘Are You The One?’ MTV Show Spoilers: Next Perfect Match Revealed! Plus Will Chris T Fall For Paige?

Brittany and Joey have been confirmed as the next perfect match on MTV's new show "Are You The One?" Despite getting off to a rocky start, and Brittany being very attracted to Adam, the pair are setting off to their honeymoon suites in order to further their romance throughout the rest of the competition. MTV

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The drama on “Are You The One?” is seriously heating up, but while some of the dates have been unsuccessful, fans are in for a treat because there is another perfect match popping up on the new dating series. And while the pairing may shock fans, we are thinking that Adam is breathing a deep sigh of relief because he is off the hook. Well at least Brittany’s hook, because according to a new spoiler report the latest “Are You The One?” match belongs to Brittany and Joey! While you may be in sure disbelief that eating pig’s feet and drinking fish juice is something that can spark a romantic relationship, think again, because that's just what happened. The couple was seen bonding in Tuesday night’s episode, and the sparks were flying so much that Joey even admitted to Brittany that he had a feeling she was his match, and no it turns out that he was so right. 

It took a little bit of convincing for Brittany to open up to the idea of Joey being her match, especially considering she has had the hot’s for Adam since the inception of the drama filled dating series. But it seems that timing is everything because both Joey and Brittany are opening up to each other and ready to embrace their perfect match role. According to MTV, Joey said during his date, “To be honest, she’s crazy. But who’s not? You just have to look deeper and past that stuff. She’s a sweet girl, and…I’m feeling great.” Well we certainly wouldn’t count that as an admission of unrequited love, but we will take it. At the end of the day, “Are You The One?” is still reality TV, right? So with the latest match of Brittany and Joey, the couple joins Amber and Ethan, Coleysia and Dillan and the newly revealed Paige and Chris as perfect matches.

Now that Chris and Paige have moved out of the house and into the honeymoon suites, it seems most likely that the pair will start to fall for each other. Despite his relationship with Shanley, they are no longer going to be spending as much time together and for the sake of the show and the potential relationship, it seems unlikely that Chris wouldn’t give the romance a shot. I mean obviously they have something in common, considering they are each other’s perfect matches. Our guess is that Chris and Paige will be smitten with each other in no time, much to Shanley’s displeasure.

Now with six other pairings to occur, let us know whom you think will be matched next? Hopefully it will be Shanley because I can’t figure out her perfect match! Let us know what you think about Joey and Brittany as a couple in the comments section below! 

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