Juan Pablo can’t seem to catch a break; you’d think his sexy accent and muscular body would have won him some admiration from the contestants of Season 18. But after watching the trailer for the upcoming “Women Tell All” episode of “The Bachelor” is seems like any tender feelings and emotional connections between JP and the ladies has been long lost. A new sneak peek video of the episode, set to premiere on March 3, paints a very different picture of the series from what we saw during the season. “The women from the most controversial season” as the trailer claims, go toe to toe not only with each other but also with the man whom they once fawned over.

The special airs in the wake of Juan Pablo’s shocking and outwardly catastrophic Overnight Dates, where he and the remaining three contestants were set to take their relationship to the next level in the Bachelor’s infamous fantasy suites. While fans were expecting romance and passion, the episode ended up being filled with drama and tears, as Andi Dorfman said goodbye to Juan Pablo following their disastrous one on one date. In a brief snippet, Andi is seen talking directly to host Chris Harrison, she even states that she "closed her eyes and waited for it to be over." Hopefully she is not referencing her time in the fantasy suite with JP, because that seems disturbing, but regardless of the moment, it seems that Andi’s time on “The Bachelor” was not nearly as romantic as the producers at ABC portrayed it.

But let’s remember that Andi was not the only women from Season 18 to say goodbye to JP, before the Rose Ceremony. Sharleen Joynt is back and she is telling all. The brunette speaks to Harrison with tears in her eyes revealing that after sending herself home for Miami, she "often has sleepless nights." After the women air their dirty laundry regarding Juan Pablo, he emerges and he is not shielding the criticism so well. The women claim that JP used his daughter as a bargaining chip, something her vehemently denies. But audiences have already been exposed to JP doing one thing and saying the other, like in the instance of Renee Oteri’s emotional elimination, which occurred just after Hometown Dates in which he met her young son, Ben. Renee and JP continually bonded throughout the series about their children, and then after finally meeting her son, it seemed as though JP could have cared less and thoughtlessly eliminated her anyway.

The “Women Tell All” Episode is certainly one to watch, so be sure to tune in on Monday, March 3 at 8 pm to watch the women of Season 18 tell Juan Pablo why they hate him. Hey- who doesn’t love a little “Bachelor” bashing? Check out the trailer below and prepare for major drama!