Juan Pablo
The current "Bachelor" Juan Pablo claimed he joined Season 18 in order to find a wife, and a step mother for his young daughter Camila. However, recent reports paint a different picture of the reality TV show, instead of love, Juan Pablo is focused on money and endorsements following the finale of the series. ABC

While recent spoiler reports for “The Bachelor” claim that Juan Pablo does in fact pick a lucky lady at the end of Season 18, they also state that the conclusion of “The Bachelor” is not the classic fairy tale ending, because there is no engagement following the final Rose Ceremony. Reality Steve, the reality TV guru and spoiler of all thing guilty, released a report claiming that the winner of Season 18 of “The Bachelor” is 26-year-old Nikki. Nikki, is one of the many blonde beauties currently still in the running for Juan Pablo’s heart, so we obviously there is a possibility that his prediction is correct. In addition to the spoiler revealing that Nikki will be Juan Pablo’s final lady, Reality Steve reported that the pair will not have a romantic proposal in the final episode, instead Season 18 of “The Bachelor” ends with Juan Pablo “choosing” to be with Nikki.

But unfortunately that’s not all. Reality Steve, who has been previously sued by “The Bachelor” in December 2011 for leaking information explains that Season 18 is more about business and less about love. The veteran TV blogger explains that Juan Pablo never had a genuine interest in finding a wife, and further a step mother for his daughter Camila, instead he is interested in finding money. Which if you have been watching the fanfare following the first three weeks after the Season 18 premiere, then it’s safe to say Juan Pablo got what he was looking for. Reality Steve explains that ABC will most likely allow him to not propose at the end of the season, because in addition to not wanting to marry any of the contestants from the start, his role with the network is far from over. Juan Pablo plans on living happily ever after, but not with a wife, instead he will most likely ride off into the sunset with a lucrative contract from ABC. According to the Associated Press, ABC was eager to capitalize on Juan Pablo being Latino, the first minority “Bachelor” has created a huge ratings spike for the network. ABC created specific advertising in a way to not only have America fall in love with the spicy Latino, but draw in a diversified audience, to the predominately white series. ABC declared the month of January "Juan-uary" in its ads and aired a "Countdown to Juan Pablo" special the night before on the casting process.

Adding more fuel to the business focused Season 18 fire, the first Latino bachelor seemed to have more analytics on his mind and no romance when discusses the series, saying, "I want the show to be successful and if it's successful that means I was myself and people got to know me as I am and they like what they saw on TV. (Ratings) are for the executives but if the numbers are high I'm happy with that." Wouldn’t the show be most successful, if Juan Pablo got to know the contestants, and he found a wife? Regardless of the dilution of the actual proposed purpose of the series, Juan Pablo must be sitting pretty with ABC. The Season 18 premiere had the highest "Bachelor" ratings in three years with 8.4 million viewers tuning in, up 17 percent from last year's installment with Sean Lowe as the bachelor.

What do you think of Reality Steve’s claims? Is Season 18 of “The Bachelor” simply just a cash cow for ABC or does Juan Pablo truly want to find love? Comment below and let us know!

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