Juan Pablo Galavis and two of the 13 remaining contestants participate in a photo shoot benefitting "Models n Mutts," an organization that focuses on the plight of animals in need for episode 2! ABC

Keeping in line with past "Bachelor" traditions, Juan Pablo Galavis appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about his season of the popular dating show. Like previous years, the late night talk show host attempts to guess the winner of the season, while also guessing the two runner ups. After the 2014 premiere of "The Bachelor," Kimmel and Juan Pablo Galavis sat down to discuss the contestants. While in years past, Kimmel may have missed the mark while picking his top three ladies, this year Kimmel guessed that contestants Nikki Ferrell, Andi Dorfman, and Renee Oteri are the final three, with JPG picking Nikki in the end. It seems like Kimmel may have down his research this year, because Jimmy cited a tweet from JPG's personal Twitter as his evidence behind his ultimate picks. On January 4, the former professional soccer player tweeted about a new sport for which he has passion for--football. JPG wrote, "So CRAZY what just HAPPENED to the @KCChiefs…" While many fans probably viewed the tweet as a simple comment on the NFL, JPG's new passion for the Kansas City based football is significant because contestant Nikki Ferrell hails for the great state of Kansas!

Juan Pablo attempted to save face while on the late night show, and most likely attempted to avoid any big spoilers by saying, "Oh, I can't tweet about Kansas City anymore? Can I tweet about Atlanta? Can I tweet about Tampa?" But what's even more interesting, and what leads us to believe that Jimmy Kimmel's picks are right on the money is that the two additional cities mentioned are the hometowns of Andi and Renee respectively! Now let's break it down, "The Bachelor" 2014 wrapped filming months ago, there are 27 contestants, would JPG really remember the home towns of contestants he didn't go on Hometown Dates with? Most likely not! Which leads us to believe that Nikki Ferrell, Andi Dorfman, and Renee Oteri are most likely the top 3 contestants for "The Bachelor" 2014!

And while JPG seems to be having a great time following the premiere of ABC's popular show, not everyone involved with the production is too pleased. Kylie Lewis was eliminated in the first rose ceremony of the season, and while she was only on the show for a short amount of time, she is certainly bringing the drama to this reality TV series! During the coveted rose ceremony, Juan Pablo selected Kat to stay in "The Bachelor" mansion and continue competing for his love, however Kylie, misheard the name and believed she had been selected. The miscommunication led to quite an awkward and embarrassing scene for Kylie, when she ultimately learned that she was not receiving JPG's rose.

Now Lewis is revealing to TMZ, that the producers of the series set her for rejection way before they aired the distressing clip! Lewis revealed that the producers instructed her to do three very specific things, first they told her to dye hair from blonde to red, then instead of wearing the purple gown she had originally selected for the rose ceremony, they insisted on pink and finally they demanded that she tweet at JPG immediately after meeting him. Lewis, 24, now blames these changes on her ultimate and unfortunately mortifying elimination from "The Bachelor."

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