Season 18 of "The Bachelor" continues, and with this exciting season comes a lot of firsts. The first Latino "Bachelor," the first sexual intercourse in early episodes, and the first season to have multiple women eliminate themselves. Sharleen seems to be the next contestant who is ready the leave "The Bachelor" and Juan Pablo behind, find out why! ABC

“The Bachelor" Juan Pablo eliminated Cassandra and Kat Hurd during episode 6, but these two ladies are not the only ones that will no longer be in the running for the sexy Latino’s heart. Despite getting the group date rose, Sharleen is not so sure how she feels about Juan Pablo, especially now that the number of contestants is narrowing, and relationships are getting more serious and more intimate. After winning the group date rose in episode 6, Sharleen and Juan Pablo seems to be on good terms. Continuing the theme when in Miami, episode 7 which premieres on February 17 begins with the pair enjoying an intimate one-on-one date. Sharleen and Juan Pablo go out on a beautiful yacht, and enjoy a romantic dinner. The other one-on-one date in Miami is won by Nikki, the pair take in the sunshine while touring Marlin’s Park and they share a sweet meal. However Juan Pablo’s happiness following the date with Nikki is short lived, because upon returning to “The Bachelor” digs Sharleen approached Juan Pablo in his hotel room. Unlike Clare though, Sharleen is not looking for a more physical relationship, instead she needs more of an emotional connection with Juan Pablo which she believes doesn’t exist between the pair.

Now face to face, Sharleen finally reveals her conflicted feelings to Juan Pablo and despite his best effort to console the clearly distressed beauty, she eliminates herself from the competition, and from the race to win Juan Pablo’s heart. Sharleen’s uncertainty is not a new theme in Season 18 of “The Bachelor,” the fact that her and Juan Pablo didn’t have much in common was obvious from the minute she walked out of the limo. But at the end of episode 6, Sharleen finally admits these unsure feelings to the video testimonial, revealing that she doesn’t know if he is really attracted to her, or just her looks. It seems that after the intimate one-on-one date in Miami, Sharleen finally admitted to herself that she didn’t have genuine feelings for him, and no longer wanted to pursue a relationship with him.

“The Bachelor” host Chris Harrison commented on Sharleen’s internal conflict to TV Guide, admitting that she has felt this way for a while, and this unsure feelings are only exacerbated due to the dating style competition. When asked to tease next week’s episode Harrison admitted, “Sharleen has been an enigma since she got out of the limo. I find their relationship so intriguing. In New Zealand, she didn't even say hello before he jumped on her and started making out with her. Even she was like, "What was that?" It's like, "I don't know what to say to you, we have very little in common, so I'm going to just make out with you." Since the moment when she almost turned down the first impression rose, she keeps riding this and gets caught up in the moment, but then later upon reflection, she's like, "I don't know." After [this week's] rose ceremony, I started looking at the monitors and saw Sharleen crying and was like, 'What did I miss?' It's been hard to put a finger on her the entire time and I don't know what it is, but it'll come to a head and continue in Miami.”

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