Juan Pablo Galavis The Bachelor
Juan Pablo Galavis is enjoying his time as "The Bachelor," this week for episode 6 he and the remaining ladies go on a romantic trip to New Zealand. An all new promo video for episode 6, shows that while love is in the air for some of the contestants other haven't been shot with Cupid's arrow. ABC

Is it just me or does Juan Pablo make-out with everyone? Now, admittedly, this is my first season of watching the hugely popular series, “The Bachelor.” So I really have nothing to compare it to. But he certainly enjoys getting to second base with pretty much everyone but Renee. Not that we at Latin Times don’t enjoy a steamy smooch, but his style is a bit creepy and Juan Pablo takes the cake when it comes to locking lips. Season 18 has been ground breaking in many ways. Fans were delighted to see the very first Latino Bachelor this season, and his sexy accent has resulted in the first reported instance of sexual intercourse on the series so early on in the season. Fans watched as Clare and Juan Pablo frolicked in the ocean, last week during episode 5, but what we didn’t see was following their late night dip, the pair engaged in more X-rated behavior. Translation, Clare and Juan Pablo had sex as the other 10 ladies still in Vietnam were vying for a shot at Juan Pablo’s heart. So with Valentine’s Day approaching, we are attempting to bring back some of the romance to “The Bachelor,” and what’s more romantic then one man making out with eight ladies? Well, a lot of things, but this was ABC’s promotional video for episode 6, and we are trying to make it work.

After last week’s explosive confrontation with Clare, one would think that Juan Pablo would take things with the remaining ladies a bit slower. But the sexy Latino has no plans to minimize his physical relationship with the ladies, which ABC describes as “hot, hot, hot.” In the promo video, Nikki and Juan Pablo are seen sucking face, and Renee is still enjoying her time in the mansion, but not all the girls are pleased. Sharleen is seen pulling away from Juan Pablo’s embrace and busy lips, almost crying. Then in the confessional she states, “it makes me sick.” What makes Sharleen sick? Juan Pablo hooking up with everyone, all the time? Or possibly his recent rendezvous with Clare? Whatever the reason, Sharleen is not happy and it seems like she is now longer under Juan Pablo’s sexy spell.

Check out the Valentine’s Day promo for “The Bachelor” below and let us know what you think? Too many make-outs or never enough?

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