Juan Pablo Galavis The Bachelor
Juan Pablo Galavis is enjoying his time as "The Bachelor," this week for episode 5 he and the remaining ladies went on a romantic trip to Da Nang in Vietnam. Discover what happened below! ABC

In episode 5 of “The Bachelor,” Juan Pablo and the 11 remaining ladies jet set from South Korea to Da Nang, Vietnam and aside from the exorbitant number of multi- colored scarves, the episode began with Renee quickly heading off for her one-on-one date with Juan Pablo. The 32-year-old single mother revealed that she has been waiting for weeks to share a first kiss with Juan Pablo, out of respect for her son. The first one-on-one date was pretty typical, with Vietnam flair. The pair went shopping in the town of Hoi An, not really romantic if you ask me. Juan Pablo hopped on the back of bike and proceeded to push Renee through the streets, after that awkward debacle, Renee was fitted with custom traditional Vietnamese dress. Once properly attired the pair they tested to see if they were the “right fit.” Juan Pablo and Renee go out to dinner, the restaurant is reserved just for them, and after dinner Renee gets a rose but not the kiss she most obviously desired.

After the rather sweet and simple one-on-one date with Renee things really began to heat up in episode 5, however it was only with Clare while on the group date with 8 other not-so patiently waiting ladies. The group date consisted of, Sharleen, Kelly, Kat, Alli, Danielle, Clare, Chelsie, Andi, and Cassandra, the whole crew took to the river but instead of a motor boat, the girls had to work while in Vietnam and paddled rice boats down the river. But while the other ladies were left with sore arms, Clare took a rice boat with Juan Pablo, and the pair wasted no time hiding away in the leaves and sharing a passionate kiss with Clare. Andi was the most vocal of her discontent with Juan Pablo’s “sneaky besitos,” after the dramatic trip down the river the group date over to a families home. The girls went to a large communal farm, but even with that Andi was not pleased with her place with Juan Pablo. She approached him in the farm, and he assured her to trust him. The group then enjoyed a large family style meal, and continued to hate on Clare. After dinner, they had cocktail party but instead of mingling with the girls, Juan Pablo pulled Clare aside and decided to get more one-on-one time with him. Juan Pablo then brought Clare to his suit and they went for an incredibly sexy swim, the pair shared a passionate make out session which turned in to so much more. Stay tuned for that.

In a beautiful backless dress, Sharleen and Juan Pablo enjoyed a nice sit on the beach. Their date was filled with some awkward kisses, a make out, and even some Spanish lessons. Pretty much all of the group dates were the women attempting to figure out where they stand in terms of Juan Pablo’s heart. Even though Andi really wanted the rose in the group date, Clare got the rose. Remember when we said that Clare and Juan Pablo’s make out ended up being so much more that just an innocent kiss? Well after receiving the rose, and ending the group date on a high note, Clare decided to really go for the gold and sneak up to Juan Pablo’s suite to go swimming in a warm ocean.

After the surprise, Juan Pablo and Nikki enjoyed the second one-on-one date. Despite Nikki’s fear of heights, the pair went cave diving, and even enjoyed dinner in the bottom of the cave. Despite Nikki having a total anxiety attack while they were in “hell,” understandably so, they still had a romantic connection and enjoyed a passionate kiss. Juan Pablo reveals that he could see Nikki as a potential wife. But the best part of episode 5 is yet to come.

Before the end of the episode, Renee finally got the kiss she so desperately wanted, and she described it as “being right our of a movie.” After the jubilation of the kiss with Renee, Juan Pablo seemed to regret his long amount of one-on-one time with Clare, he sat her down to say that their dip in the ocean wasn’t right. Juan Pablo continued to say that his time with Clare was not fair to the 10 other girls, and to his daughter Camilla. The conversation started off bad and quickly got worse, Clare was left in tears feeling that she disrespect his daughter before the Rose Ceremony. The Rose Ceremony elimination had Juan Pablo saying goodbye to Kelly Travis, Alli Restko, & Danielle Ronco.

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