'The Bachelor' Predictions: Who Will Juan Pablo Pick In Week 8? Plus Will Renee Say 'I Love You'? [VIDEO]

In episode 8 of "The Bachelor" Juan Pablo and the four remaining ladies are packing their bags and heading home but not because they are eliminated but because its Hometown Dates time! Find out who Juan Pablo sends home. ABC

“The Bachelor” season 18 is winding down, which pretty much means it’s just starting to heat up! While we may mourn the loss of Juan Pablo on our screen ever Monday, something tells us he will be finding love with one of the four remaining girls, Clare, Nikki, Andi and Renee. So what’s in store episode 8 premiering tonight? Everybody’s favorite episode, Hometown Dates, the four ladies will bring Juan Pablo back to their roots and introduce the sexy Latino to their families. Fans get to watch as Juan Pablo is put in the hot seat for the first time in Season 18, some families love when “The Bachelor” comes to town and others are not so accepting of the reality show love.

Clare is the first hometown date and in typical Juan Pablo and Clare fashion, the pair make out -- a lot. Despite the extreme amount of PDA it seems like the couple really enjoys spending time with another, Clare shows JP her home in Sacramento. They take in the California sunshine with an afternoon picnic, followed by a trip to the ice cream parlor. After their lunch in the sun, the two freshen up before JP meets Clare’s family, so much so that Clare even gives him a haircut. After the haircut, which looks the same as it did in the beginning, Clare finally introduces Juan Pablo to her family and the group enjoys dinner.

Next up is Nikki and like Clare’s hometown date, Juan Pablo and the rumored winner of Season 18 of “the bachelor” enjoy a lunch just the two of them before meeting the family. Nikki hails from Kansas City so instead of a picnic, the couple enjoys BBQ Missouri style. Nikki and JP have lunch at Oklahoma’s Joes BBQ before introducing her family. Nikki’s family is easy to get along with and their visit to Kansas City is pleasant and lacks drama, maybe that’s why Juan Pablo is a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs?

After the easy breezy date with Nikki, Juan Pablo is not expecting the backlash he receives from Andi’s father. Juan Pablo joins Andi in Georgia and like most southern fathers, Andi’s dad is protective and not too pleased with the idea of a reality TV romance. The pair start their date with a walk through Piedmont Park and then engage in some down south recreational activities. Andi and Juan Pablo visit the SharpShooters gun range and get their shooting on. While Andi’s dad certainly makes his opinions known, he doesn’t explicitly dislike Juan Pablo, it seems like his main gripe is with the idea of finding love on television—we agree with Mr. Dorfman.

Last but certainly not east is sweet Renee in Florida. Renne is from Sarasota, Florida so this isn’t far from Juan Pablo’s hometown of Miami. Renee’s hometown date is a much more emotional experience mostly due to her role as a mother. Juan Pablo finally meets her son Ben, the pair attend his Little League game and enjoy the sunny weather. Then JP meets the rest of Renee’s family, she even goes so far as to tell him that she is falling in love with him. Renee has all season attempted to keep her feelings in check out of respect for her son, but it seems like now she is truly interested in making a future with Juan Pablo.

Unfortunately for Renee, Juan Pablo does not feel the same way. Renee is eliminated in episode 8 following the Hometown Dates. The Rose Ceremony is emotional, and it’s interesting that Juan Pablo chose to eliminate her after finally meeting her son, whom she seems fiercely protective o. Not necessarily something you’d expect from a self-proclaimed doting dad, but hey it is “The Bachelor,” so anything can happen.

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