Mayor of Buenos Aires Mauricio Macri declared a state of emergency in the capital of Argentina due to a severe heat wave that has been plaguing the city since a week before Christmas. The extreme heat is responsible for three deaths, having sent many people to the hospital and power shortages as the increase in air conditioner use has skyrocketed as residents try to keep cool. The power outages and lack of water have impacted a number of those living in Buenos Aires placing the elderly, sick and children at risk.

Since the heat wave began it has averaged 100 degrees Fahrenheit per day and has left many with no water or electricity for 14 days. Speaking with Liberty Voice one man living through the heat wave said, “Without water it’s unbearable. You cannot live. Above the tenth floor, within 48 hours it’s a death trap. If there is sun 38 or 39 degrees [Celsius] as they are saying – the fire fighters are going to bring down bodies.” People living in the city are upset with their government for not doing enough to restore power.

Protests have broken out in the streets as residents are demanding the government and utility companies do something to get the power restored. While the people demand action from the utility companies and the government each has begun laying blame at the other’s feet as the heat wave continues. Protesters are also upset over the fact that Argentina’s power grid had not been updated which is causing the old system to struggle to keep the electricity going. In an effort to save electricity public sector workers in Buenos Aires were told not to report to work on Monday.

Speaking with another man living under the oppressive heat said he blamed both the government and power companies for the current situation in Buenos Aires. “It’s a shame,” he said, “The truth is that you shouldn’t play with people. I’m talking about the electricity companies, politicians, everything. I’m very angry.” On Sunday night the demand for electricity on a nonworking day reached an all-time high as people plugged in fans and cranked up the A.C. in an effort to keep cool.