Javier Milei
Javier Milei has toned down his fiery person to appeal to more moderate voters AFP

In a stunning upset, Javier Milei, the Libertarian candidate, has been elected as Argentina's new president in a landslide victory. Milei defeated his opponent, Sergio Massa, by a margin of over 10 points.

Milei's victory is a major turning point in Argentinian politics. The country has been struggling with economic instability and high inflation for years, and Milei's promises of radical change resonated with many voters.

"This is a victory for the people of Argentina," Milei said in his victory speech. "We are tired of the same old politicians who have done nothing to improve our lives. We are ready for a change."

Milei's victory is also a significant development for the Libertarian movement in Latin America. The movement has been growing in popularity in recent years, and Milei's success could inspire other Libertarians to run for office.

It remains to be seen how Milei will govern Argentina. He has promised to implement a number of radical reforms, including the abolition of the central bank and the adoption of the US dollar as the country's currency. However, it is unclear whether he will have the political capital to implement these changes.

Sergio Massa condedes

For his part, Argentina's current Economy Minister and Milei's contender, Sergio Massa, said his rival will be the country's next president.

"Obviously the results are not what we had hoped for, and I have spoken to Javier Milei to congratulate him and wish him well, because he is the president that the majority of Argentines have elected for the next four years," Massa said in a speech conceding his defeat.

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