Keep your eyes glued here as we bring you all the latest live updates, images, scores, highlights and coverage of the 2014 World Cup Round of 16 elimination game between Argentina and Switzerland:

Thanks for joining us folks, not the highest scoring or most exciting game, but filled with drama at the end. Up next for Argentina will be the winner of the Belgium vs. United States match laster today. Stay with us here at Latin Times as we will be live streaming the Belgium and USA match live from Salvador. Coverage starts at 3:45 PM EST. Thank you again!


BLOCKED! It's blocked by the Argentinian wall and that is the game folks. Final whistle. Argentina wins 1-0. Videos of di Maria's goal created by Messi and Dzemal's miss off the post coming up:

This is the game folks...

124': Wow. In one final chance, Shaqiri is taken down right ouside the 18". He gets a free kick that is so close to the box. Here it comes...

121': Oh no! We thought that was it! Switzerland with a beautiful set piece off of a corner by Shaqiri and Dzemali heads it into the post and gets the rebound and misses that too. Oh how did they miss that?! That was the equalizer.

Let's remember folks, this game is not over. Still a few minutes left for Switzerland to get the equalizer.


118': GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL! There it is! Messi has done it. He creates a miracle. Dodges and weaves through the box, brings all defenders to him and FINALLY gets the help he needs by passing to Di Maria who gets the goal. An easy little shot to the left corner of the net. Messi with the assist.

108': Di Maria tries to dial it up from long distance, but is denied by Begnalio. This World Cup is in a coma right now. Messi please wake us up!

106': 15 more minutes left. We are under way in the final moments of the match. It's looking a lot like penalties...


Not like this:


105': There's whistle for the end of the first extra time. 15 more minutes until penalties. Everytime Messi touches the ball, he is surrounded by 3-4 Swiss defenders. Somebody else please do something for Argentina.

Sums up the match:


Argentina han't lost yet, but if you're an Argentina fan, you cannot be happy with what you're watching...


104': One minute left until the next 15 minutes of extra time and there is absolutely zero urgency or desperation for Argentina. There needs to be, because if this game goes to penalties, I have no confidence in anyone on Argentina not named Messi to step up and make a PK.

99': You know there is absolutely no way that Messi or Shaqiri is coming off this pitch as long as there's a goal to be had. 

93': Pele is in the house! Messi better do something if he wants the thrown, a loss here would be no bueno.


92': Back to back corners for Argentina and back to back blocks for Benaglio. 

91': Extra time is underway. I'd imagine that Switzerland would be content getting this game to penalties, where as that is the LAST thing that Argentina wants. Let's see if Messi has sme magic in extra time, and more importantly if he can get some help from anyone on Argentina. Anyone!

HAHA. We agree. You better be Messi to pull this off and even then...


Thirty more minutes in Sao Paolo folks. Great news for Switzerland as they have absolutely contained Messi. Nobody else has even shown up for Argentina. Thrty more minutes to see if we can see a goal and then penalties.

90' +3: Switzerland is stalling and are content to play for extra time.

90': Three minutes of stoppage time. 

89': Second yellow card for Marcos Rojo he will miss the next game.

88': Another brilliant move for Messi. Splits two defenders, gets into the box and delivers a great pass to Palacios who cant do anything with it. Folks, we can't say this enough. Messi is amazing, but the rest of Argentina is mediocre at best. Someone else NOT named Messi needs to step up or Abiceleste is going home today.

Those out there reading this, please keep in mind, that this is the same Switzerland team and beat the defending champions Spain during group play in 2010. It was the only loss for the eventual champions Spain.

87': Messi is trying to set up a free kick and the biggest flop I've seen sine Lebron James occurs. Thankfully the ref sees it too and let's it go.

Yes, Mateo we agree. Someone needs to step up for Argentina:


Here was Messi's moment in the box:


Yes, please. 


82': Subsitition for the Swiss. Off comes Shaqiri's marksman, Josip Drmic and in comes Harris Seferovic.

80': We are ten minutes away from another scoreless draw in regulation and having to play 30 minutes of extra time. The 5th second round match to go the distance. 


79': Messi with some nifty footwork. He's able to get into the box and get a shot off from the left side. Benaglio with the great save, there's a rebound everyone attacks it ond oh! Switzerland is able to clear. That was close. What an opportunity for Argentina and save by the Swiss.

75': You know its been a quiet game when Twitter is talking about Messi's snot and NOT his shot. 

74:' Substitution for Argentina. Palacio is in for Argentina, Lavezzi is off.

Where ese is he gonna blow it Julia?:


Here was di Maria's move and then awful left footed cross:


67': Messi get's off a shot! His first shot of the match comes over an hour in. A good strike from distance, just a foot high as it flies over the cross bar. 


66': Fernandes is in for Xhaka on Switzerland's side. 

65': The Swiss are doing a great job of shutting down and containing Messi after an hour, if Argentina is going to win, someone else needs to step up for Argentina. 

62': One of the greatest things in sports: A Lionel Messi free kick...It's blocked by the Swiss. Still ZERO shots on goal for Messi. 

60': Di Maria with a great move and then an awful cross to nobody with his left.  The ESPN announcers say "Di Maria's nickname is 'two left feet.'"

59': Argentina with a shot from the left hand side of the box. Saved by Benaglio! The rebound comes off and Argentina tries to pounce, but Switzerland is there to clear it. 

This about sums it up:


50': Shaqiri with a shot off a free kick and its on target! good save by the keeper

47': We are underway here in the second half. Switzerland is playing great so far. Right in there with the overwhelmng favorites, Argentina. Once again Argentina  seems completely dependent on Messi and cannot creat with anyone else. Switzerland has had their chances, but have not been able to convert. Who will score first?


HALFTIME: Still scoreless here in Sao Paolo. 0-0

Drmic's wide open shot again off the Shaqiri assist:


41': Argentina comes right back with a beatiful pass by Messi and Di Maria can't place it. That was a great opporunity missed there. 

39': Shaqiri with a great pass but a save by the Argentine keeper. Attempt saved. Josip Drmic (Switzerland) left footed shot from the left side of the box is saved in the bottom right corner. Assisted by Xherdan Shaqiri with a through ball.

29': Argentina comes right back and a save by Switzerland. Attempt saved. Ezequiel Lavezzi (Argentina) right footed shot from the right side of the box is saved in the bottom right corner. Assisted by Gonzalo Higuaín.

28': GREAT SAVE! Attempt saved. Granit Xhaka (Switzerland) right footed shot from the centre of the box is saved in the bottom right corner. Assisted by Xherdan Shaqiri.


6': Attempt missed. Fernando Gago (Argentina) right footed shot from outside the box misses to the left following a set piece situation.



Welcome everyone. Kick off is slated for 12:00PM EST. Starting lineups are up next.