World Cup

World Cup 2022: Will The U.S. Host The Greatest Tournament In The World

The preparations for Qatar to host the World Cup in 2022 have already begun. But should a country that bribed their way into the tournament and who have blatantly disregarded the health and safety of the migrant workers there really deserve to host the world's greatest tournament? Find out why FIFA needs to strip Qatar of the World Cup ASAP and award it to a more deserving nation, say the US; all in this article.

Goetze Wins Germany's Fourth World Cup

For almost two hours there was no difference between Germany and Argentina. That was until Mario Goetze brilliantly scored the first goal of the match on 113' minutes. Check out this article as we say goodbye to the World Cup that sees Germany win their fourth World Cup trophy.
Germany Wins!

VIDEO: Germany Wins The World Cup!

The game was a display of defense as both teams were scoreless until the 113th minute when Germany's Mario Goetze scored the winning goal and became a hero.
Official World Cup Final Ball

LIVE: Who Will Hoist The Cup In Rio?

Stay with us throughout the course of the match as we bring you commentary, highlights, scores and more as die Mannschaft collides with La Albiceleste in the marquee final.

VIDEO: Psychic Puppy Is Back!

Bailey the Psychic Puppy returns to predict the final match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Who did the clairvoyant choose to hoist the cup? Watch the video to find out.

Game of Popes: Who Will Win The Holy War?

They have broken bread together, prayed together, and each ruled the Vatican respectively, but Pope Francis of Argentina and his predecessor, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI of Germany, find themselves in the middle of a soccer rivalry as their two countries meet in the World Cup Final on Sunday.
Golden Boot

POLL: Who Will Win The Golden Boot?

After 63 games, the 2014 FIFA Golden Boot race has come down to three men: Thomas Mueller (Germany), Lionel Messi (Argentina) and James Rodrgiuez (Colombia). With two of the three going head to head in the World Cup final on Sunday, anyone can take the crown. Who do you think will win?