Ariana Grande’s decade-long history as a pop star is proof of her not-so-stellar reputation. Since she rose to fame, the “Thank U, Next” singer has been caught up in scandals, from rumors of cheating on her boyfriend to acting like a prima donna to shading fellow artists like Selena Gomez and Cardi B.

While it is difficult to accuse Grande of having some serious attitude problem, if her shady track record is anything to go by, one will find it easy to judge. Here are the moments that somewhat showed Grande’s shady side.

She Walked Out On A Photo Shoot

Once Grande attended a photo shoot and insisted that she be captured from her left side and using natural night. When the photographers didn’t give in to her demand, she walked out like a toddler throwing a tantrum.

She Made A Scene In A Doughnut Shop

In 2015, Grande visited a doughnut shop with her then-boyfriend Ricky Alvarez, where she was spotted sassing around and licking a tray of doughnuts she did not pay for. “What the f**k is that? I hate Americans. I hate America,” she was caught on camera as saying.

She Wished Death Upon Arianators

In 2014, Grande made headlines after a source revealed how she wished her fans dead. After signing their autographs and taking photos with them, the singer entered the elevator and allegedly said, “I hope they all f**king die.”

She Was The Third Party In Big Sean’s Relationship With His Ex-Fiancee

Big Sean and Grande’s relationship had a sketchy beginning. Grande had just broken up with Jai Brooks at that time, and Big Sean was still engaged to his ex, “Glee” star Naya Rivera. Rivera revealed in an interview that she was surprised to see Grande in Big Sean’s house when she visited her boyfriend while they were on the rocks.

She Threw Shade At Selena Gomez

During a performance, Selena Gomez had a meltdown onstage when her microphone failed and her lip syncing was exposed. Later that night, Grande, who also performed on the show, took to Twitter to throw shade at Gomez’s lip syncing. “At least you know I wasn’t singing to a track!” she said.

She Canceled Shows On A Whim

Grande has this habit of not showing up on her scheduled performances. Once she messed up an entire taping by not showing up without any prior notice. “She was booked but the lazy little f**ker has not come,” the host of the show told the crowd. Grande did not apologize for her action.

Ariana Grande Ariana Grande attends Billboard Women In Music 2018 on December 6, 2018, in New York City Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Billboard