It seemed only yesterday when Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson called it quits, but they moved on pretty quickly — for the cameras, at least. Who couldn’t move on, though, are the publications who are still reporting signs of an intense bad blood between the two. Is it still not “thank u, next” for the both of them?

Life & Style has just reported that Grande has warned Davidson’s new lady love, Margaret Qualley, to beware of the “Saturday Night Live” host before things get even more serious. “Ariana Warns Margaret: Pete’s Bad News!” the publication’s headline read.

“Ariana felt it was her responsibility as a feminist, of course, to warn Margaret about what she was getting herself into,” a supposed source said. “She got word to Margaret through a mutual pal, that Pete’s an immature stoner who’d make fun of her on SNL after she eventually dumped him, too.”

Ariana Grande
Photo of Ariana Grande. Getty Images

Gossip Cop, however, extinguished the fire by calling out the story as simply a work of fiction. It went on to call the tabloid “unreliable” as it wasn’t able to name the mutual pal who claimed these instances, which could only mean that the mutual friend is nonexistent.

Upon checking with a source close to Grande, the fact-checking site was assured that she isn’t meddling with her ex’s blossoming romance despite Life & Style’s claim that she wanted to “pass along her two cents” before things escalate.

After their breakup last year, Davidson was bullied by the pop singer’s fans on social media. And this prompted her to defend the comedian.

“I really don’t endorse anything but forgiveness and positivity,” she posed. “I will always have irrevocable love for him and if you’ve gotten any other impression from my recent work, you might have missed the point,” Grande added.

As for Qualley, People reported that they were “very flirty” on a flight last week to Venice to attend the Venice Film Festival. The news comes after Davidson briefly dated Kate Beckinsale earlier this year. “They’re still friendly, but it just didn’t work out,” a source revealed.

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