Women's demonstration for abortion.
Women's demonstration for abortion. Unsplash/Manny Becerra

Republican lawmakers in Arizona quickly blocked an attempt to repeal the near-total ban on abortion instated earlier this week.

State Democrats introduced a motion to repeal the law, passed before Arizona was formally a state, but Republicans passed one to adjourn and stall the vote.

The law dates back to 1864 and does not count incest or rape as exceptions to the ban, the only one being it posing danger to the mother's life.

Democrats have a slim minority in both congressional chambers, meaning they need at least two Republicans to support them to have a shot at passing a repeal.

One Republican, Matt Gress, voted against the adjournment and another one told local media he'd eventually vote to repeal.

The adjournment led some Democratic lawmakers to erupt in chants of "Shame!" "Save women's lives" and "Blood on your hands."

Other prominent Republicans, like senatorial candidate Kari Lake and presumptive presidential candidate Donald Trump, have spoken against the law, saying it goes too far.

Abortions are likely to become unavailable within two months if the ban isn't repealed, Axios reported.

If it is indeed repealed, a 2022 law allowing abortions through 15 weeks of pregnancy would go into effect.

Abortion providers in the state vowed to continue their service until they are forced to stop. Attorney General Kris Mayes said she "will not prosecute anyone under this draconian law."

Arizona is now the 15th state to prohibit abortion at all stages of pregnancy.

Democrats have been galvanized by the initiatives, seeking to enshrine abortion rights in state constitutions in the November elections.

Advocates in Arizona recently claimed to have gathered enough signatures to put abortion rights on the ballot.

There are a total of eleven states that are likely to take abortion rights measures on the ballot in November: Florida, Maryland and New York are confirmed, while Arizona, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Nevada, Missouri and Arkansas are still moving towards this.

Over two thirds of Latinos (68%) oppose abortion bans, according to a poll by Axios Poll from this week. More prefer Joe Biden's stance on the issue (30%) compared to Donald Trump (21%).

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