Most are aware that the Arrowverse is slowly fading and it appears that new rumors will only make it worse.

Arrowverse creator Greg Berlanti is reportedly set to cut down on DC involvement, something that raises questions on the future of multiple shows for The CW, the Hollywood Reporter reported.

After successfully launching in 2012, there is no question that the birth of hero-inspired shows became a hit with viewers, particularly those who were very familiar with superhero icons that include Green Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and so on.

But all that took a different twist after the mega-deal with Warner Bros. Discovery.

There were several shows axed such as “Arrow,” “Supergirl” and “Legends of Tomorrow.” “The Flash” is in its final season with only 13 episodes to show.

“Superman & Lois” is set for a third season in March and there is also a new show coming in “Gotham Knights.”

Other shows that Berlanti is involved are “Doom” and “Titans” on HBO Max. Both shows are about to come to an end in 2023 with part 2 of the seasons of the two shows yet to get an official release date.

Instead, Berlanti will have a new DC drama in “Dead Boy Detective,” a show that will be based on the DC/Vertigo property. Aside from this, the producer is also reportedly developing another show “Green Lantern,” a show that will be based on John Stewart.

With these developments, it will be interesting what the future holds for the Arrowverse. In hindsight, things are not looking good even with a couple of shows still afloat.

The CW is reportedly trying to trim down its shows to only three, including “All-American.” Hence, there is a possibility that the future of “Superman & Lois” may not be bright.

For now, it would be best to enjoy what Berlanti has to offer even if it is far from the same ones he started in 2012.

A dead villain will return in "Arrow" Season 8. Arrow/Facebook

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