If you still have great memories of  “Pieces Of Me” by Ashlee Simpson, then you will be really happy to know she’s working on a new album with husband Evan Ross.

After 9 years of absence from the music scenario, Ashlee just announce she’s working on new music and her husband is immersed in the project that she promises will be very personal.

“We’re working on an album together. So in the new year, that will be happening!,” Ashlee told US Weekly. “It’s been really fun to work together. This way we can tour together! I’m definitely excited. I love working with my husband. (The sound), is soulful, fun and reflective of music that we both like.”

Simpson also met with singer Lady Gaga while they attended to the Operation Smile Host's 5th Annual Park City "Celebrity Ski & Smile Challenge." The ladies were talking for a long time before the show, which makes us predict we could probably listen to any collaboration between the pop singers on Ashlee’s upcoming album. That would be amazing!

Ahslee Simpson and Lady Gaga Simpson And Gaga, met at the Operation Smile event on March, 2016 Getty Images

Ashlee’s last material "Bittersweet World" was released in 2008. She worked with producers Timbaland and Chad Hugo and Kenna of The Neptunes. The album debuted at number 4 in the Billboard 200 chart in the United States, with sales of 47,000 copies on its first week, being her first album to not reach the top of the chart.

The artist also announced a fourth album studio back in 2012 but the project never was completed and she focused more on being a mother.

The singer married Evan Ross, Diana Ross' son in August 2014 and they have one daughter together called Jagger Snow Ross.  Ahslee has an eight- year-old daughter named Bronx from her past marriage to Pete Wentz.