Two men were arrested on Tuesday in the Punjab province in Pakistan after they allegedly raped an American woman and social media personality who was in the country filming a series of TikTok videos for her account.

The 21-year-old woman, whose identity has been kept under wraps due to being a victim of sexual violence, was in a tourist hotel in Fort Monroe in the Punjab province when one of the men, Muzmal Sipra, invited her to stay at his home at the time, according to NDTV.

The woman was in the country on a tourist visa, and had reportedly stayed in Pakistan for over seven months making TikTok videos about the country. She reportedly made a vlog together with Sipra and another man, Azan Khosa, before the two men gang-raped her in the hotel, the Daily Beast reported.

“We stayed in a hotel at Fort Monroe where both suspects gang-raped me and also made a video of the act to blackmail me,” the woman said.

Sipra was arrested on Sunday over 300 miles away from the hotel where the rape reportedly occurred, with Khosa being arrested later. Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz has given the media the reassurance that the men will be punished fully if they are found guilty by a court of law.

“The suspects will be given exemplary punishment according to the law and justice be provided to the victim,” Shehbaz said.

The woman was a TikTok personality with a significant following online, and she also reportedly ran a Facebook page that detailed her travels to other countries. By Tuesday, however, her TikTok page had been deleted and her Facebook page disabled with a disclaimer regarding her situation.

“Due to current circumstances I’m temporarily disabling my account. Hopefully, I will be back soon. Please know I’m currently safe and all necessary steps are being taken. Stay safe everyone,” the disclaimer said.

An American woman who was in the Punjab region of Pakistan for a TikTok project was allegedly gang-raped by two men in a tourist hotel after collaborating with them on a video. This is a representational image. Chirag Jain/Unsplash.

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