The Indonesian police and Interpol officially launched a manhunt for an Australian citizen on the run known only as “Mr. A” by authorities. The suspect has been on the wanted list of both agencies following the arrest of three Indonesian nationals in April who named him as their top guy.

Law enforcement units who made the arrest during a raid at Mr. A’s Bali villa, found a huge stash of illegal drugs that are believed to be part of a huge drug trafficking operation run by the suspect.

According to, the mystery man fled his Kuta villa as cops closed in on the day of the raid. He left behind most of his belongings and Balinese cops were able to recover 32kg of meth, 32kg of cocaine, 800 ecstasy pills, and under 3kg of marijuana from his residence. Mr. A is said to have allegedly imported drugs into Bali with a street value of $5 million.

A global manhunt has been launched for his capture, but not many details are known about his identity. Authorities believe he is about 32 years old. Detective Khozen claimed the fugitive is known to local cops and that the initial A is indeed part of his name. Bali police have only released these details recently despite the arrest two months ago.

It is not yet clear if the Australian suspect has been trying to sell the drugs found in his home or if he was merely storing them temporarily. Cops are trying to figure out if these drugs are also part of a plan to smuggle them overseas. Should he be caught and found guilty of his crimes, the suspect could face execution by a firing squad.

The case stemmed from a tip-off citing an Australian man who was allegedly bringing in a 50kg load of crystal meth into the Southeast Asian country. Police located the villa and arrested three men who said they worked for a guy they identified only as Mr. A.

“The hunt was carried out after the arrest of three Indonesian citizens with the initials AAP, KMS, and KS in one of the villas in Kuta on April 12, 2022,” Bali narcotics cop Kombes Pol Mochamad Khozin said.

After their arrest, the three men were paraded for the media as they stood behind the seized drugs. As documented evidence, the drugs were burned by police after photos were taken. This protocol is implemented in accordance with Indonesian Drug laws which are considered to be some of the strictest drug laws across the globe.

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This picture taken on November 23, 2021, shows the logo of Interpol during the 89th Interpol General Assembly in Istanbul. - On November 25, 2021, the delegates will elect the new Interpol President, who will replace the South Korean Kim Jong Yang. One of the candidates is Ahmed Nasser al-Raisi from the United Arab Emirates, who has been criticized for allegations of torture. Photo by Ozan Kose/AFP via Getty Images

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