An Australian serial killer revealed his new self and identity on the internet and allegedly gave death threats to his previous victim’s families and also to the police.

According to the New Zealand Herald, the 74-year-old man, Reginald Arthurell is now leading a new life as a woman after his release from prison.

In 1997, Arthurell killed his then-fiancée Venet Mulhall, after beating her continuously with a piece of wood. He then served 24 years in prison before being released on parole last November, reported News Australia.

Even before Arthurell met the “vulnerable” and “devoutly” religious woman, Mulhall, in the 1980s, he had been already convicted several times.

The former rodeo worker, described as tall, powerful, and a self-styled “cowboy” has his long list of people that he had killed, the first two, committed almost four decades ago. He was said to have killed his 49-year-old stepfather, Thomas Thornton, at the age of 28 with a carving knife and disappeared from the public.

In 1981, Arthurell met another man, and together, they robbed and killed a 19-year-old sailor, Ross Browning. Australian cops suggested that it was the most vicious crime they had investigated after Browning’s dead body was found and described as overly disfigured.

According to Daily Star Arthurell was released from jail at the end of 2020. It was after legal experts had concluded that parole was a “better” option than to wait for the murder sentence to come to an end on May 24 this year.

While serving his parole status, the convicted murderer was required to wear an electronic monitoring device to track his activities. But the 16 parole conditions in place, effective till May 24, does not prevent Arthurell to dress like a woman.

Meanwhile, New South Wales’ Corrective Services department got a report from a concerned member of the online transgender community that Arthurell told them he planned to take revenge on Mulhall’s family including the authorities after his parole period.

Arthurell allegedly posted some photos of him cross-dressing on a transgender community friendship page under his new identity as Regina Kaye.

knife-2652398_960_720 A New York man has been charged over the murder of his ex-girlfriend after allegedly butchering her to death in her apartment. pixabay