It has almost been a decade since the last “Avatar” film and director James Cameron appears to be looking beyond “Avatar 2.”

“Avatar 2” is set to debut next year but it appears Cameron has several things planned already. Considering it made it big in the box office plus the fact that it took time to have the sequel ready, such is understandable.

According to Variety, Cameron has at least four additional movies planned for the next couple of years.

The original plan was to film “Avatar 2” and “Avatar 3” at the same time after which the final two films would follow. This is what allegedly happened with some scenes for “Avatar 4” also filmed in the first batch.

“2 is fully in the can. We have a working cut that we're filling in the visual effects within. I feel pretty confident with that film. 3 is still a bit shadowy. It's way too long. I haven't really turned my energy into a disciplined cutting process on that yet. But I know I've got the performances. That's the important thing. I've done all the capture. I've done most of the live-action shooting. I still owe a little bit on some of the adult characters. We were more concerned with the kids aging out,” Cameron stated.

While multiple “Avatar” films being planned are good news, the important thing is that “Avatar 2” is already done.

The sequel would have been out earlier but the pandemic factored in. Hence like most films that were forced to adjust their release dates, “Avatar 2” was not spared.

Once that is done, the next question in mind is when will “Avatar 3” will come out. Barring any further changes, the earliest to expect that would be by December 2024. If that holds, “Avatar 4” would be out by 2026.

Even if these dates are altered, fans who have been longing to see more of “Avatar” can breathe easy knowing there the other installments have already had some sort of production.

Director James Cameron speaks at the 'Avatar' Global Media Day
Director James Cameron speaks at the 'Avatar' Global Media Day Getty Images | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

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