Unilever is one of the world’s leading suppliers of food, home care, personal care and refreshment products with sales in more than 190 countries and reaching 2.5 billion consumers a day. In the United States, the portfolio includes brand icons such as Axe, Ben & Jerry’s, Breyers, Caress, Dove and much more.

For the very first time in 60 years, Dove is launching Baby Dove, a baby care range of products that brings the heart of the Dove brand into baby care.  The new care products go beyond mildness to help replenish essential moisture and nutrients in baby’s skin. 

With the launch of Baby Dove, the brand is working to broaden how society defines parenthood. New research shows that new moms feel pressure to fit into a "perfect mom" ideal, creating anxiety for them as they figure out their roles as parents.  

Baby Dove 89% of mothers feel pressure to be perfect, leading 72% to question whether what they are doing is good enough. Photo: Courtesy

Similarly, Dove Men+Care research has shown that dads feel they are stereotypically portrayed in TV and advertising and their role as caregiver is not acknowledged.   To break down the stereotypes and anxieties new parents experience, Baby Dove is releasing two videos featuring real moms and dads as a way to encourage all parents to trust their way.

“Baby Dove wants to help build parents’ confidence and encourage them to trust their way when it comes to doing what they think is best for their baby and themselves,” said Nick Soukas, Vice President of Skin Cleansing for Dove. 

Scientists of the brand gave an exclusive demonstration on the science behind the new line, highlighting the high quality of the product, well above other leading brands in the market.

During a single bath, baby’s skin can lose moisture up to five times faster than an adult’s, making it vulnerable to dryness.  All Baby Dove products are dermatologist and pediatrician tested and hypoallergenic for all babies’ skin types.

Baby Dove While there is no one right way to parent, there is a superior way to care for baby’s skin. Photo: Latin Times

NEW Baby Dove has products for all skin types in its Rich Moisture and Sensitive Moisture ranges.  Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture range has been developed for babies with normal to dry skin and goes beyond mildness to help replenish essential nutrients to help skin retain its natural moisture. The range is hypoallergenic with pH neutral, tear-free cleansers, and a fragrance specifically developed for delicate baby skin.  The care line range has been developed for babies with sensitive skin. It is fragrance free for sensitive skin and the range is hypoallergenic with pH neutral, tear-free cleansers.

Baby Dove is now available at food, drug, mass, value, baby, and online retailers.