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MIAMI - Iconic bachata band Aventura has announced on Tuesday a new North American tour, "Cerrando Ciclos." It will start on May 1 in Sacramento, California. The tour promises to be a nostalgic journey, revisiting the group's greatest hits and marking another significant milestone in their illustrious career.

"Aventura will never disappear," band member Henry Santos said to the Latin Times when asked about whether this is really Aventura's last tour ever. "We are bound forever, not only by our musical history, but we are also family. Right now, we are only focusing on the tour. It's going to be amazing."

The band, founded by Anthony "Romeo" Santos, Lenny Santos, Max Santos, and Henry Santos, has been an integral part of bachata's evolution. They were the first artists to blend bachata with R&B, hip hop & rap, reggae and rock, creating a new sound that has made them famous worldwide.

Throughout their career, Aventura has released five studio albums, producing hits like "Cuando Volverás," "Obsesión," "Un Beso," "Mi Corazoncito," and more. Their influence extends beyond the recording studio, having performed in numerous renowned arenas, including Madison Square Garden and Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

Aventura's "Cerrando Ciclos"

Aventura's journey is nothing short of remarkable. Originating in New York, the band transformed bachata, a genre traditionally rooted in the rural communities of the Dominican Republic, into a global phenomenon. Their modern take, which has not lost the genre's essence, earned them the title "Reyes de la Bachata Moderna" (Kings of Modern Bachata). Their legacy in the tropical music industry is undeniable, inspiring numerous contemporary artists.

After an eight-year hiatus (between 2011 and 2019) Aventura reunited to record "Inmortal," a song included in Romeo Santos' album "Utopía." Since then, they have toured twice. The last time was in 2021.

Their upcoming tour is poised to be a grand celebration, spanning across multiple cities in the United States and Canada and including stops in arenas in San Jose, Los Angeles, Ontario, Glendale, Houston, Charlotte, Chicago, New York, Washington, Newark, Orlando, Atlanta, Toronto, and Montreal.

In the statement announcing the tour, band leader and leading vocalist Romeo Santos hinted that this could indeed be his last stint with Aventura:

"This year there is something I must do and conclude. I want you to join me on a journey where I will be definitively closing cycles. Because it's not the same to remember beautiful times as it is to be a prisoner of the past. We cannot stagnate in yesterday's nostalgia, but rather must move forward, discover new horizons, and show other facets."

The tour tickets will start selling on March 1.

Cerrando Ciclos Tour cities and dates

Sacramento, CA/ 1 de mayo

San José, CQA/ 2 de mayo

Los Ángeles/ 5 de mayo

Ontario, CA/ 8 de mayo

Glendale, CA/ 9 de mayo

Houston, TX/ 11 de mayo

Charlotte, NC/ 16 de mayo

Chicago, IL/20 de mayo

Nueva York, NY/ 22 de mayo

Washington, DC/26 de mayo

Hartford, CT/ 27 de mayo

Boston, MA/ 31 de mayo

Newark, NJ/ 2 de junio

Toronto, Canadá/ 7 de junio

Montreal, Canadá/ 8 de junio

Miami, FL/ 11 de junio

Orlando, FL/ 14 de junio

Atlanta, GA/ 17 de junio

San Antonio, TX/ 19 de junio

Dallas, TX/ 21 de junio

Aventura Cerrando Ciclos tour
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