Mike Johnson and Peter Weber are both strong contenders to be the next star in “The Bachelor” 2020, but Tyler Cameron is also still in the race. The host of the TV series Chris Harrison confirmed the news in a recent interview, and shared how they are going to wait and watch what happens before making a final decision.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter about the selection, Harrison said that both Johnson and Weber are both “good options,” but the fans should not forget that Cameron is also “still in the mix.” While it seems like a difficult choice at the moment, the TV show host pointed out that they still have time to see how things turn out with these contestants before they make a final decision.

Johnson is about to enter “Paradise.” The character has a huge fan following, and the producers are going to watch him on the show and see how the fans react. If he gets into a relationship there, it would kill his chances to be on “The Bachelor” 2020.

The producers are looking to select someone who is going to open up and get into a relationship. While looking for genuine people and making sure they participants find something meaningful like love and marriage, the producers have the added responsibility of making sure that the content they have also makes a great TV series.

Harrison pointed out that the show takes steps to ensure that there is enough diversity on the show. But, he also said that the main aim of the show is not about taking a social stand because that position will become meaningless if the show doesn’t get renewed. For the show to get renewed, the producers have to make a great TV series that many people would want to watch.

“The Bachelor” is set to air in early 2020. According to Bustle the filming should start by next month if the producers stick to the schedule they have maintained in the past few years.

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