The race is on for the position of the next big star in “The Bachelor,” which will air in 2020. After the names of several candidates made the rounds on the internet, three men have emerged on the top of the list and as always, only one of them will be chosen.

Since there is a huge debate on who will be the next “Bachelor,” the producers of the show have to be careful in the selection process. In a recent interview with E! News, ABC’s Senior Vice President Robert Mills confirmed the names of the people they are considering, and he also confirmed that the producers listen to what the audience wants to see.

The fans already know that Hannah Brown’s ex-fiancée Jed Wyatt will not be a contender on the show. This was also confirmed by Mills.

The three men who are on top at the moment are Mike Johnson, Tyler Cameron, and Peter Weber. Mills said that Cameron is a “wild card” who made it to the list because of the unexpected love triangle involving him, Brown, and Gigi Hadid.

The fans may have their own favorites that they may be rooting for, but Mills pointed out that there can be only one in “The Bachelor.” Men’s Health magazine had previously prepared a list of eight men who could be the lead of the show next.

There is still a lot to consider for the producers, and it remains to be seen how all these factors come together when they make the final decision. The list is shorter now, making the scrutiny that much more intense.

When will be the announcement for ‘The Bachelor” 2020 be made? Last year the announcement was made in September, but this time around the fans can expect it a little sooner, Bustle reported. Since the production is expected to begin next month, the announcement about who has been chosen and when the show will premiere may be made soon.

"The Bachelor" returns in January 2020.

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