Things could get explosive in the next episode of “Bachelor In Paradise” Season 6.

A preview video that has been released online shows a love triangle forming. Dylan will confront Hannah G. and Blake after seeing them make out on the beach.

Dylan has a connection with Hannah, or at least he thought he did. A preview video of the next episode on ABC News shows Hannah making out with Blake, while Dylan watches them with his friends from the bar.

The only person that Dylan said he was interested in was Hannah. In the confessional segment of the episode, he said that it was “disrespectful” of her to make out with Blake in front of him. The teaser video didn’t reveal how that confrontation at the beach ended, but everyone watching the drama unfold knew that things could get ugly.

When everyone watched Blake and Hannah make out on the beach, some people urged Dylan not to look. Someone went to the extent of offering to look for him. The expression on Dylan’s face after watching the interaction of the two of them on the beach has been described as “gutted.”

Blake has gotten into trouble before on “Bachelor in Paradise.” Season 6. He previously was with Kristina and Caelynn, and both women have accused him of treating them badly.

Despite his history with Caelynn and Kristina, Blake started flirting with Hannah right from the beginning, Entertainment Weekly reported. Back then, Blake was linked with Tayshia as the early couple. This new triangle with Hannah is not something Dylan will like.

Another preview video that was posted on Twitter showed some of the women sharing their opinion about Blake. The consensus is that he is selfish.

When Blake fell down after hitting a rock on the beach, one of the women called it karma. The fall out of that karma should be evident in the next episode of “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 6. The show airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Bachelor in Paradise There is a love triangle forming in "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 6. Bachelor in Paradise/Facebook