Season 18 of “The Bachelor” is under way and the first of many ladies to be cut were sent home by Juan Pablo. This year’s “Bachelor” is a single father looking to find love and grant his daughter’s wish to have brothers and sisters. On January 6 we were introduced to the 27 women competing to win the heart of Juan Pablo on a special Sunday night episode of “The Bachelor.” Each Sunday in January ABC will air a special episode of “The bachelor” with another episode to air at its regular Monday time.

All of the fun and romance of “The Bachelor’s” dates with the women is usually matched with tears from those who cannot make a connection with the hunky single. Nine women were sent home last night leaving 18 women to fight for Juan Pablo’s heart. In typical “The Bachelor” fashion Juan gave out the coveted first impression rose. The flower is given to the one woman that left the biggest impression on Juan. Twenty-nine year old opera singer Sharleen was given the rose and in a surprising turn she was not as impressed with Juan as he was with her.

While Juan Pablo said Sharleen was “elegant” the single lady wasn’t feeling the same connection. She awkwardly accepted Juan’s rose calling him “sir” twice as it happened. Although Sharleen feels there is something lacking between she and Juan, she is not ready to throw in the towel just yet. Other events from last night’s episode of “The Bachelor” included the introduction of some contestants who could be described as “the crazy ones.”  Amy J. offered Juan what he called an “awkward” massage during cocktail hour.

Lucy jumped aboard Amy’s crazy train when she introduced herself as a “free spirit” stepping out of her limo bare foot wearing a flower crown on her head. Later on Lucy placed her bare feet directly in Juan’s lap. Also ridding that crazy train was Clare who appeared out of the limo looking pregnant only to pull a pillow out from her dress. One of the ladies stands out, as the one to watch this season. Andi a 26-year old assistant district attorney stunned Juan Pablo when she stepped out of the limo and he exclaimed, “you’re gorgeous.”

Unfortunately for nine of the women on season 18 of “The Bachelor” a life with Juan Pablo is not in their future. Alexis, Christine, Valarie, Ashley, Amy J, Lacy, Kylie, Lauren H and Maggie were all sent home. With the first episodes behind us there is no telling what will happen next on “The Bachelor.” One thing we can count on is a lot of drama, emotion, tears and perhaps a few steamy lip locks. “The Bachelor” airs on Sunday (only in Jan.) and Monday nights on ABC.