‘The Bachelorette’ 2013 Spoilers: Who’s Going To Portugal In Episode 7 And Who Went Home In Episode 6? [VIDEO]

Is Desiree headed for heartbreak in episode 7 of "The Bachelorette?" Twitter

"The Bachelorette" had more tears and more drama than anyone could have expected. The men and Desiree Hartsock all confronted James about comments that he was only on the show to improve his business and become the next Bachelor. Desiree learned of James' deception after a group-date with Drew, he tells her about James' conversation with Mikey. Desiree is notably upset, heartbroken and angry with James. After learning more about the James drama from all of the guys, Desiree chooses not to have a rose ceremony, but instead to confront James. She sent all the other men home but James and questions him.

"I didn't say anything along those lines... if you think I did, maybe I should go," James said. James continued to blame Mikey and the rest of the guys for running his connection with Desiree. Desiree and James parted without a real resolution.

"I want the guys to know that I trust them... that I believe them. I don't believe James is someone you can trust. But it's still hard to let him go," Desiree told the cameras before having a conversation with James.

At the end of episode 6, James went home and Desiree decides to go to Portugal with the five remaining men. Michael Garofola, Brooks Forester, Drew Kenney, Chris Siegfried and Zak Waddell are all enjoying their time with Desiree in Portugal and while the beginning of the preview seems to be awesome dates, the end of the preview delivers tearful ultimatums.

While in the beginning of episode 7, Drew reveals to Desiree that he's falling "more and more in love" with her every day, in the end the two may be headed for heartbreak. "I didn't see this happening," Drew tells a teary-eyed Desiree. "It's not something you control, it just happens." It seems that Drew has fallen out of love with Desiree. And unfortunately for "The Bachelorette" it seems she is head-over-heels for the one man she can't have. "The only thing that's kept me here is you," she tells Drew as they embrace. "I can be 100 percent for you." However, Drew doesn't seem to be able to re-kindle the passion he once had for Desiree saying, "It's just never going to work."

And while it is still a mystery whether Drew is truly over loving Desiree, host Chris Harrison asks the Bachelorette what the next step is, and her response is only more tears. "Where do we go from here?" he asks the bachelorette. "Where do you want to go from here?"

And while Desiree is heartbroken by Drew's blindsiding admission, she is not the only one. "I just did not at all expect this," says one of the guys. "This is the worst day of my life," reiterates Brooks. After reacting to some still unknown news, "I'm just completely shocked," Zak tells Desiree.

Chris Harrison is asking the one question we all want the answer to. What is next for Desiree? Apparently, she is done with being "The Bachelorette." "Honestly, for me, it's over," Desiree says to the cameras. "I just want to go home."

Episode 7 of "The Bachelorette" will air on Monday, July 8. Check out the video preview for next week's episode below:

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