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MIAMI - Puerto Rican superstar Bad Bunny surprised students at Florida International University's Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management last night with a masterclass that spanned over an hour during a session of "The David Grutman Experience," a course offered at the Miami university.

"The David Grutman Experience," initiated in 2019, is the brainchild of David Grutman, a renowned entrepreneur in the restaurant and nightclub scene across several U.S. cities, including Miami, Dallas, and Las Vegas. Grutman is also a partner in Bad Bunny's Miami restaurant, Gekko.

The innovative program, led by Grutman himself, aims to provide students with unparalleled insights into successful business management in the entertainment and arts industries. The entrepreneur, who loves Latino culture and is married to a Brazilian woman, had brought other celebrities to his classes in the past, including Drake and Jason Momoa. However, nobody expected the Puerto Rican star to be there, and the reaction of the students was priceless.

Bad Bunny is more than a music star

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, Bad Bunny's real name, is not only celebrated for his musical triumphs but also for his ventures into business investments. During the session, he shared his perspective on the music business and his multifaceted career trajectory.

Apart from leaving a significant mark on the music scene, he has also invested in sectors like restaurants and sports. In Puerto Rico, along with his manager Noah Assad, he co-owns the Lala restaurant in the Mall of San Juan and has a stake in the Cangrejeros de Santurce, a team playing in the National Superior Basketball league (BSN).

During the session, an intriguing anecdote was shared about how Grutman introduced Bad Bunny to Drake, leading to their hit single "MIA." This story underscored the significance of connections in the entertainment industry.

Bad Bunny's lessons for the FIU students

As Bad Bunny imparted wisdom to the approximately 400 students enrolled in this course, his advice resonated deeply. He stressed the value of perseverance, creativity, and staying true to one's roots, qualities that have undoubtedly contributed to his own colossal success.

He also made a point about the value of staying true to yourself. "My biggest achievement is to stay grounded, con los pies en la tierra," he said.


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Other lessons he shared with the audience:

1.-Once you choose to do something, do it with love

2. Draw as much attention to your business as you can

Bad Bunny and Grutman explained how they chose to open "Gekko" the same week of his first stadium concert in Miami with the goal of making the opening "a bigger thing."

3. Learn when to be critical of people with experience

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