Police Release Body-Cam Footage Of Mistaken Security Guard Shooting RyanMcGuire/ Pixabay

A bank employee in Hyderabad, India was shot by a security guard Wednesday afternoon over issues involving financial matters. The employee, identified only as Surender, sustained a bullet injury that resulted from a dispute that escalated while both were inside the bank.

According to Times Now News, State Bank of India branch security guard Sardar Khan fired three rounds from his gun at Surender while still inside the bank premises. One of the bullets pierced the employee’s arm causing it to severely bleed. Surender was rushed to a hospital within the vicinity for medical treatment and was declared to be out of danger.

Meanwhile the security guard was arrested and taken into custody by Abid police. During preliminary investigations, police found out that Surender and Khan had been locked in a financial squabble which triggered Khan to go into a fit of rage. The verbal altercation intensified resulting in the security guard pulling his gun on the employee despite being on duty in the state run bank.

The incident set off panic in the bank branch located in Telangana’s Hyderabad. Terrified bank customers scampered about after hearing the gunshots as police rushed over to the location and closed off the building perimeter.

A case has been registered against Khan under relevant sections while investigations are still probing for further information surrounding the case. Khan was said to have been in the service of the bank over the last two decades.

In a separate incident that occured in the Beawar town of Ajmer district in Rajasthan, a man also lost grip of his temper and allegedly killed his two daughters. The father, identified as Ajeet Cheeta reportedly had an argument with his wife Tuesday night and attacked her with a knife the following day.

Jobless and suffering from depression, Ajeet was said to have been in an alcohol driven rage when he attacked his wife Kavita. His two minor daughters screamed as they witnessed their father lunging at their mother, bringing Ajeet to a full rage. This led him to stab both his daughters and injured himself as he attacked them. The girls sustained severe injuries and later succumbed to their deaths. Ajeet and his wife were reported to be in stable condition.

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