Has the former US President Barack Obama “slapped” Michelle Obama with divorce papers? New rumors about the couple suggest that there have been problems in their relationship for a long time, and they have finally called it quits.

According to a recent tabloid story, the former president has had “a series of nasty fights” with his wife, and he no longer wants to continue this “toxic marriage of convenience.”

The tabloid cited an anonymous source who said that Barack served his wife with divorce papers recently. Michelle too supposedly doesn’t want to continue in this marriage, and she too had her lawyer draw up the divorce papers.

The insider said that Michelle was “shocked” to get the divorce papers, and she is now “conspiring with her lawyers to squeeze Barack for as much money as she can.” The former president, according to the rumor, has no intention of paying any alimony because he feels that his wife can support herself.

Michelle is the author of a bestselling book and she also has a law degree, Barack supposedly feels that she can go back to work anytime she wants. The rumor also suggested that there will be a fight between the two for their land in Martha’s Vineyard.

The only “evidence” that the rumor provided for the story was the fact that both Barack and Michelle have been seen in public without their respective wedding rings. The truth is that this rumor has been debunked by Gossip Cop.

Barack and Michelle are not getting a divorce. The only reason why they take off their wedding rings sometimes is to make sure that the rings don’t get damaged.

Just a few days ago, Barack shared a loving picture of him with his wife on his Instagram page. The picture is of the two of them when they were younger, and it proves they still love each other.

Michelle Obama and Barack Obama Photo of Michelle Obama and Barack Obama dancing. Photo: Getty Images