Since its worldwide launch Friday, the highly anticipated Battlefield 1 video game from DICE is receiving a healthy helping of positive reviews from critics. Now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Origin on PC, Battlefield 1 is off to a solid start. 

IGN says the new Battlefield 1 video game offers strong first person shooting capability. The old fashioned designs of Battlefield 1 weapons from long ago add “archaic” charm. One gamer discovered during Battlefield 1 gameplay that even a metal syringe normally used by medic class players to heal teammates doubles as a lethal weapon.

As reports, it already holds bragging rights with over 45 awards on its achievement list. Not only did it grab a win from Official Game Critics Awards’ Best Action Game at E3, Battlefield 1 is crowned winner of the Consumer Award from the Official Gamescom Awards. This all out-war multiplayer game set in World War I also gets a round of applause for its equally enthralling re-imagination of the Great War in War Stories for single player mode.

 “Battlefield 1 was a passion project for us at DICE and after years of working with the World War 1 era, we realized what a perfect fit it was for the Battlefield all-out-war style of play,” senior producer at DICE, Aleksander Grøndal said in a statement at launch. “This was truly a fascinating time as it gave birth to modern warfare with many weapons, vehicles and gadgets being first introduced into the world and we wanted to share those things through a modern lens for all players to experience.” Grøndal said about Battlefield 1’s World War I theme.

As Kotaku points out, the tone of the Battlefield series is reinvented and delivers just the right among of human emotion with the intense artillery action of war. Whether you’re still on the fence about adding EA/DICE collaborative game, Battlefield 1 to your video game collection, the new action packed launch trailer is purposely designed to help you decide.