Becky G's Esquinas
Becky G's new album 'Esquinas' Courtesy

Becky G has her fan base singing in their showers with her brand new album "Esquinas" ("Corners").

The release of the third studio album –debuted last week in the top five global Spotify – was designed to show Becky's Mexican Heritage. The album cover portraying a photo of a young Rebbeca Marie Gomez – Becky G's birth name – with a traditional Mexican outfit, is a representation of her roots. "Ser Mexicana es parte de quien soy, a nivel personal y como artista, es un honor y privilegio," Expresses Becky in an Instagram post.

While embracing her heritage, Esquinas is composed of 13 songs in which six of those are collaborations with all Mexican artists such as Ivan Cornejo, Danny Lux, Gabito Ballesteros, Peso Pluma, Yahritza y Su Esencia, and Chiquis:

  1. 2NDO CHANCE - Becky G & Ivan Cornejo
  2. CRIES IN SPANISH - Becky G & Danny Lux
  4. LA NENA - Becky G & Gabito Ballesteros
  5. CHANEL - Becky G & Peso Pluma
  6. PATRA (with Yahritza y Su Esencia)
  7. CUIDADITO - Becky G & Chiquis

The significance of representing both her American and Latin roots has always been the key element in her career, she told Apple Music, "For me it was a very freeing and liberating moment when I decided that I am not half of this and half of that. Why do I have to give up a part of me, to be accepted here? And then here I have to give up the other part of me. That doesn't feel doesn't feel like I really get to embrace my whole life experience. So when I decided that I am 100% proud to be Mexican and 100% proud to be born and raised in Inglewood, Los Angeles. I was like yup...this is it. I am a 200 percenter.''

Becky G talking about upcoming projects. (VIDEO: BILLBOARD YOUTUBE)

Recognizing both her cultures was a big factor in choosing the title for this album. She says to Billboard, "I've always felt like I'm not from this side of the streets that raised me or this side of the streets. I'm literally la esquina, I am at la esquina where those cross streets are. Those two languages, two flags, two cultures."

This transition into the Regional Mexican music genre is a first for Becky. Her prior records and EPs fell more into rap and pop-reggaeton genres with collaborations with the likes of Natti Natsha, Karol G, Myke Towers, and Maluma.

As she now transitions into her roots, she states to Billboard "Ever since I was little, music has always inspired me. I grew up listening to all kinds of music, in English and Spanish. I considered myself a generalist artist...I feel like that essence of me being chicana born and raised in Inglewood and obviously being very proud of my Mexican roots. It's always been there.Two years ago when I lost my papi, my abuelito. Que descanse en paz. He was kind of the catalyst as to why I decided it was time to do the project, because it was a dream of mine."

Esquinas was celebrated by Becky and her family attending Universal's Halloween Horror Nights, but this triumph was not the only accomplishment for her in 2023. On Sept.14 she initiated her one-month long, "Mi Casa, Tu Casa" tour, which took her throughout the U.S. for 16 nights. Back in April, she headlined at Coachella which took place in her own hometown, Inglewood, in front of thousands of fans. Throughout her show-stopping performance where she incorporated her chicana roots, she surprised the crowd with many special guests including Natti Natasha and Peso Pluma.

Gomez is part of the new generation of music where artists incorporate their roots into everything they do, creating a path for Latin music to rise.

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