Becky G Vs Taylor Swift: 'Mayores' Passes 'Look What You Made Me Do' In YouTube Views

Becky G is having a spectacular year, not only is she killing it in the acting world as the yellow ranger in the "Power Rangers", but she is making huge strides in her music career. The Latin superstar ventured into new territories with "Mayores" that has become a hit on social media and in clubs around the world. It was recently reported that the music video just outviewed Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do." The former has amassed 795,324,860 views on the digital platform, while Swift has only generated 777,981,882 views.

"Incredibly grateful... almost 800 million views on #MAYORES wow," Becky recently wrote on Twitter. "I really have to send a huge shout out to @badbunnyPR. This was a team effort to get our video to where it is today I am truly appreciative of you and everything that you bring to this song. Thank you."

Becky G's "Mayores" has already been center of controversy for its lyrics. The hit song has gone global but some might find it too sexually explicit. "I like them to treat me like a lady, eventhough I forget about that when we are in bed," is how the song starts off. Meanwhile Bad Bunny's part says: "I promise you a million adventures and in bed I will last what he doesn't last." But there's a particular line that the California native sings that really got people offended: "I like them bigger, that they don't fit in my mouth." It's a double entendre that some people interpret as talking about a man's manhood.

Becky G was invited to make an appearance on "Operación Triunfo" in Spain to perform her song, but did not sing the original lyrics. The singer was forced to change up some words to make them more appropriate for general audiences. She instead said: "I like them bigger that with a kiss on the mouth will make me fly in the air and make me go crazy."

After her performance on "Operación Triunfo", Becky G took to Periscope to explain what happened. "I didn't want to change the lyrics," she said. "I don't want you guys to be mad at me. If I didn't change the lyric then I wouldn't have gotten to perform, that's basically what it came down to. I had to be a smart business woman and make a smart decision."

"Obviously I wanted to perform on the show, but we do know it would be a very different case if it was a guy performing a song, they would not make them change the lyrics. I do not say one bad word in my song, so it was beyond me and I actually fought to not change the lyrics. I just want to make that really clear because I am all about female empowerment and that if a guy can do it a woman should be able to do it. I wanted you guys to know that it was not me who decided to change the lyric, but it was an awesome opportunity to perform on the show."

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