Jennifer Lopez reportedly admitted that her demanding and demanding work had caused her to experience panic-induced paralysis. Now, devoted admirers of Ben Affleck's wife are apparently worried that she could be about to experience another terrifying breakdown.

According to a doctor quoted in the National Enquirer's upcoming August 8, 2022 issue, Jennifer Lopez's arduous pursuit of perfection and desire to maintain her public image may endanger her health.

Dr. Gabe Mirkin stated the following regarding Jennifer Lopez to the entertainment news source: "The same factors which caused her to suffer these troubling problems in the past can absolutely lead to similar attacks in the present."

Recently, Jennifer Lopez said that during her 20s, she worked nonstop. She was physically and emotionally exhausted due to her demanding schedule, leading to severe panic attacks that rendered her immobile.

"All the work and the stress it brought with it, coupled with not enough sleep to recuperate mentally caught up with me," J.Lo recounted.

The spouse of Ben Affleck admitted that she felt she was losing her mind. Still, a doctor reassured her that her momentary immobility was caused by physical and emotional exhaustion. Dr. Mirkin cautioned that she is a ticking time bomb and might blow up again at any moment.

Jennifer Lopez allegedly affirms that she is now caring for herself more. Informants claimed she is still traveling the same difficult route that brought about her last paralysis.

"She's kidding herself if she thinks she's leading a balanced life of wellness and getting ten hours of sleep a night," the tipster wrote.

The same insider revealed that Jennifer Lopez works at the gym for two hours each day, stays up late working on numerous projects, and eats very little to maintain her well-known curves.

The same insider claims that Ben pleads with JLo to slow down since she is exerting herself far too much in her career.

Dr. Mirkin, who hasn't treated Jennifer Lopez, warned that maintaining such a rapid pace might be harmful. Mirkin claims that there is evidence linking inadequate rest and sleep to a higher risk across various conditions. He added: "If she collapses again, it could be something very serious!"

Jennifer Lopez has not yet responded on the allegations that she is pushing herself to the breaking point. Therefore, unless everything is confirmed to be genuine and accurate, ardent supporters of Ben Affleck's wife should treat all of these allegations with a grain of salt.

Jennifer Lopez
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