Ben Affleck is rumored to be hurt over his ex-girlfriend Lindsay Shookus’ relationship with Jon Hamm. The “Batman V Superman” actor and the “Saturday Night Live” producer dated shortly after Affleck and Jennifer Garner divorced.

A tabloid claimed that Affleck has mixed feelings about Shookus and Hamm seeing each other. This is because even though he’s hurt, he’s also happy that Shookus has found a wonderful man to be with. At the end of the day, Affleck has given the couple his blessing.

But according to rumor-debunking site Gossip Cop, there’s no truth to the claims. Affleck can’t possibly give Shookus and Hamm his blessing because the two aren’t an item. Shookus and Hamm were first linked to each other after they were photographed sitting beside each other at a Broadway show.

The publication also checked in with Affleck’s rep, who denied the allegations. Affleck can’t possibly be hurt over Shookus and Hamm’s alleged relationship — if they’re actually together — because he and Shookus broke up a long time ago. But it’s necessary to stress the fact that Shookus and Hamm are not dating.

According to Gossip Cop, this isn’t the first time that the same tabloid linked Affleck to Shookus and Hamm. Just last month, the tabloid claimed that Shookus is dating Hamm to make Affleck jealous.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Lindsay’s going out with Jon simply to make Ben jealous,” an unnamed source said. “She’s a smart woman who knows how to play the game,” the source added.

Another tabloid has also been publishing fake stories about Garner’s ex-husband. Last year, they claimed that the actor is “too big” to fit into his costume as Batman. The tabloid claimed that the only way for Affleck to keep his role is if he would lose weight.

According to Gossip Cop, Affleck will no longer be reprising his role as “Batman,” but the decision had nothing to do with his weight. Warner Bros. will be taking the franchise into an entirely new direction, that’s why they cast Robert Pattinson for the role.

Ben Affleck as Batman Photo of Ben Affleck as Batman. AntMan3001/Flickr