It’s been two years after the polarizing live-action take on Justice League was released in cinemas, but the crew can’t seem to get over some of the off-screen action. This time, the movie’s cinematographer, Fabian Wagner, shared an image of Ben Affleck as Batman on Instagram.

Tons of fans liked the image. “Sunday’s for bats. And every bat loves a good backlight,” he captioned. Before that, director Zack Snyder — who had to depart halfway the production due to personal circumstances — teased fans of his intended narrative direction and plans for the DC Extended Universe through a snap of Cyborg in STAR Labs, a look into Silas Stone’s death and the appearance of Uxas.

The images are sure to fuel fans’ demand for the film’s “Zack Snyder cut.” He got a solo directorial credit, but Joss Whedon was hired to oversee the reshoots and the eventual post-production that would shape the awaited superhero flick into the lukewarmly received outcome that it is today. Wagner, who worked closely with Snyder, expressed how he cried upon seeing Whedon’s cut — and those were not much of joy.

“So it’s hard for me to say exactly how much was changed, but a lot was changed,” Wagner told IndieWire. ‘It was just a great shoot, and so it was a shame to see the film the way it turned out to be.”

As for Affleck, he’s pretty much done with being Batman. The actor previously told Kimmel that he just couldn’t “crack it” and that the immense pressure that comes with it and the internet attention was crazy. Instead, taking on the role for its 2021 iteration, “The Batman,” as directed by Matt Reeves, is Robert Pattinson, whose curious casting earned some backlash.

“Wait until you see the movie,” executive producer Michael E. Uslan said. Details about this adaptation are being kept under wraps. All the public knows is that plans were scrapped when Reeves came on board, Affleck retired the suit and a brand new script focusing on the superhero’s detective work is being written.

Whatever the outcome of the next installment is, sounds like DC isn’t showing any signs of backing down.

DC Universe Timeline photo of DC Universe. Justice League/Facebook