Rumor mills just don’t seem to be getting enough of Ben Affleck. Ever since the actor opened about his divorce to Jennifer Garner and termed it as the biggest regret of his life; speculations have run amok about Affleck trying to win her over. But, the latest phony rumor that’s doing the round roped Lindsay Lohan in—and the buzz is that the two actors are currently an item and have also hooked up multiple times in the past.

As per the findings of a tabloid, Lohan and Affleck have a murky past—they’ve been up, close and personal. The tabloid conjured up a story with just parts of the truth: Affleck having met her while she was in rebab in 2013. The rehab aspect was true, as Affleck did meet the young artiste.

But there wasn’t anything remotely romantic behind the meet, for, Affleck had just dropped by to offer moral support to a fellow colleague who was in the spotlight for the same. Affleck has checked in to rehabs as well. So, it is also believed that the reason behind the meet was to egg her on to get back on track. The questionable report says nothing about them having “partied hard” whatsoever.

Well, just when things seemed to fizzle out, Affleck and Lohan found themselves being embroiled in baseless rumors. This time around, the same tabloid whipped up a report on how the two had “another fling” 18 months ago. Gossip Cop was quick to ascertain that there was little truth in the report, and confirming with Affleck’s spokesperson just reaffirmed Gossip Cop’s stance.

Turns out, this isn’t the first time that the tabloid has whipped up a juicy tale on the two actors. In 2018, the publication reported that Lohan was pleading Affleck to help her score the lead role in a “Batgirl” flick. Not just that, the publication has also linked the actor to a volley of random women—from his personal chef Gabrielle Coniglio, Kate Beckinsale and several others.

However, insiders have reached the conclusion that the actor is currently not remotely involved with Lohan. Neither did they hook up in the past. And, nope. He isn’t trying to get back together with Garner either. Garner is currently going strong with John Miller, a businessman who she has been in a relationship with, since the past one year.

Ben Affleck
Image of Ben Affleck. Elen Nivrae/Flickr

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