Yasmina Khan has made a name for herself as an adult star although she has gotten her share of weird requests.

The Bengali adult star shared how she earns £250,000 per year by farting in jars as requested by her fans.

Yasmina Khan is in the top 0.3% of creators on OnlyFans and is the most popular Bengali creator in the UK. She has roughly 300,000 followers on Twitter, clearly an indication of her popularity.

Hence, it comes as no surprise that a portion of those fans would ask for something indifferent. However, the part where the adult star is asked to fart in jars may be the weirdest yet.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Khan reveals how she gets such farting requests almost every day.

“I get people asking me to fart in jars, p**s in pots and send it them, and they've even asked for toenails,” Khan explained. “I always get asked to sell pants and bras.”

“I recently got asked to p**s in my leggings and post it to someone,” she went on. “I said no, and he said 'what's wrong with British girls, American girls would this – they're freaky, unlike British girl.”

But of these requests, Khan did not confirm or deny that she indeed farted in jars as requested by her fans.

Yasmina has only Only Fans for the best part of three years and has posted more than 1,100 times during that period. She admits that she racks in about £20-£25-K per month, an income that has allowed her to save up nearly £100,000 which would be enough to buy a house.

But like other controversial personalities, Khan has not been spared from threats or leaks online. Rather than treating them as an issue, the Essex-native welcomes and embraces the leaks.

“I am going to be leaked and I do have a legal team now, but I tell them to just slow down because I've gained a lot of traffic from it, and when they get rid of most things online, I lose lose out on subscribers,” she quipped.

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