A harvester from Coe Collier drives a Trunk Shake and Catch machine to harvest Valencia oranges 27 April 2004, at a grove in Immokalee, Florida. The machine grabs the trunk and shakes the oranges on to a conveyor belt. Mechanical harvesting is threatening to displace workers, as increased competition from other countries forces growers to look towards labor-saving technology. ( ROBERT SULLIVAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Bernie Sanders wants every citizen in the U.S. to see the real struggle that immigrants faced and the exploitation treatment in the agricultural sector. The democratic candidate shows in his new campaign video the story of Udelia Chautla, a mother who moved her family from Mexico to Immokalee, Florida, where she works as a labor worker picking tomatoes, he wants the Latino population to know he stands with those who have been "left out and left behind."

"Bernie Sanders took interest in the lives of the workers and wanted to hear their struggles," Udelia says. "Politicians never came to Immokalee. He didn't keep silent about what he witnessed here in Immokalee. There were cases of bosses abusing workers," she added "they would not provide workers with water or restrooms. The bosses would get angry because some of the men wouldn't want to keep working and start hitting them ... It affected my children because I didn't have enough to buy food." Check out the powerful mini-documentary to learn about the different obstacles immigrants experience when they work in the fields with low wages and under poor conditions.

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